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Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to be back and to be able to announce a stellar line-up for the 11th Bookworm Literary Festival.


For 2018, we present a wide range of events that we hope will challenge and inspire you. Our international programme includes literary giant Geoff Dyer; Booker Prize winner Richard Flanagan (The Narrow Road to the Deep North); Canada’s thriller star Shari Lapena (The Couple Next Door); multi award-winning Irish novelist Sara Baume (Spill Simmer Falter Wither); Sci-fi giant and Black Mirror writer Sylvain Neuvel (The Themis Files trilogy); Australian award-winners Alexis Wright and Fiona Wright; National Poet of Wales Ifor ap Glyn; Peter Conradi (A King’s Speech and Who Lost Russia?); graphic novelist and narrative designer guru Dan Goldman; comedy legend Kyle Grooms; European Slam Poet Champion Sara Hirsch; Nobel Peace Prize photographer Sim Chi Yin; Victor Mallet on India (River of Life, River of Death); Glen Diaz from the Philippines (The Quiet Ones), and poets Ronna Bloom, Scot Slaby, Jennifer Fossenbell, Marcel Gauthier and Stephanie Anderson.

2018年,我们的文学节将为您呈现更多元和更丰富的内容,我们希望能给您带来一些启发和激励。我们的国际性活动邀请到了文学巨匠Geoff Dyer,布克奖获得者Richard Flanagan(《深入北方的小路》),加拿大惊悚小说名家Shari Lapena (《The Couple Next Door》),诸多奖项获得者Sara Baume (《Spill Simmer Falter Wither》),科幻小说大家及《黑镜》作者Sylvain Neuvel (《The Themis Files trilogy》),澳大利亚文学奖获得者Alexis Wright和Fiona Wright,威尔士国民诗人Ifor ap Glyn,Peter Conradi (《A King’s Speech and Who Lost Russia?》),绘本界首席作家及叙事设计师Dan Goldman,脱口秀传奇Kyle Grooms,欧洲Slam诗歌比赛总冠军Sara Hirsch,诺贝尔和平摄影奖获得者Sim Chi Yin,书写印度的作家Victor Mallet (《River of Life, River of Death》),菲律宾作家Glen Diaz (《The Quiet Ones》), 诗人 Ronna Bloom, Scot Slaby, Jennifer Fossenbell, Marcel Gauthier和Stephanie Anderson等。

Chinese writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry will be a key focus of this festival and we are delighted to present to you a range of established and emerging talents such as Xia Jia (A Time Beyond Your Reach), Sheng Keyi (Death Fugue), Ma Boyong (Antique Game), Dai Weina (Soul Gymnastics), Xue Yiwei (Shenzheners), Zheng Zaihuan (Heartbreaking Stories from Zhumadian), Sun Yisheng (How Many Dragon-fields Does Your Family Own?), Chen Xiwo (Book of Sins), Murong (Leave Me Alone, Chengdu), Zhang Tianyi (Love for People with Sexual Blindness), Fei Dao (The Long Journey to Death), Wang Yan (Cut Silent), Li Hongwei (The King and the Lyrics), Hou Lei (Man Under the Ice), Zhang Lijia (Lotus), Yuan Ling (The World), Xie Ding (Beast Interviews), Dan Bao (Beast Interviews), Karoline Kan (Under Red Skies: Three Generations of Love, Loss, and Hope in China), Luo Xin (A Walk from Beijing to Xanadu: Rediscovering China on Ancient Trails), Kong Yalei (Not Lost), Liu Liduo (Affectionate History) and Ren Xiaowen (The Good Woman Song Meiyong).

参与本次文学节的虚构类、非虚构类中国小说家和诗人也是我们本次文学节的一大焦点,我们很荣幸邀请到一大批已经成绩斐然的文坛大家及冉冉升起的新星,如夏笳(《你无法抵达的时间》)、盛可以(《死亡赋格》)、马伯庸(《古董局中局》)、戴潍娜(《灵魂体操》)、薛忆沩(《深圳人》)、郑在欢(《驻马店伤心故事集》)、孙一圣(《你家有龙多少回》)、陈希我(《冒犯书》)、慕容雪村(《成都,今夜请将我遗忘》)、张天翼(《性盲症患者的爱情》)、飞氘(《去死的漫漫旅途》)、王掩(《切莫声张》)、李宏伟(《国王与抒情诗》)、侯磊(《冰下的人》)、张丽佳(《Lotus》)、袁凌(《世界》)、谢丁(『野兽采访』)、淡豹(『野兽采访』)、Karoline Kan(《Under Red Skies: Three Generations of Love, Loss, and Hope in China》)、罗新(《从大都到上都:在古道上重新发现中国》)、孔亚雷(《不失者》)、刘丽朵(《深情史》)、任晓雯(《好人宋没用》)。

International writers whose work involves China include Paul French (Midnight in Peking and City of Devils) Lenora Chu (Little Soldiers: An American Boy, A Chinese School, and a Global Race to Achieve); NPR’s Rob Schmitz (Street of Eternal Happiness: Big City Dreams Along a Shanghai Road), Ian Johnson (The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao ), Xu Xi (Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy for a City), Alec Ash (Wish Lanterns), Roseann Lake (Leftover in China: The Women Shaping the Next Superpower), Nancy Pellegrini (The People’s Bard: How China Made Shakespeare its Own), David Moser (A Billion Voices: China’s Search for a Common Language), Kaitlin Solimine (Empire of Glass), Harvey Thomlinson (The Strike) and John Shors (Unbound).

书写中国的国外作家有Paul French (《Midnight in Peking and City of Devils》) 、Lenora Chu (《Little Soldiers: An American Boy, A Chinese School, and a Global Race to Achieve》) 、国家广播电台的Rob Schmitz (《Street of Eternal Happiness: Big City Dreams Along a Shanghai Road》) 、Ian Johnson (《The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao》 ) 、Xu Xi (《Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy for a City》) 、Alec Ash (《Wish Lanterns》) 、 Roseann Lake (《Leftover in China: The Women Shaping the Next Superpower》)、Nancy Pellegrini (《The People’s Bard: How China Made Shakespeare its Own》) 、David Moser (《A Billion Voices: China’s Search for a Common Language》) 、Kaitlin Solimine (《Empire of Glass》) 、Harvey Thomlinson (《The Strike》)和John Shors (《Unbound》)。

We continue to put a spotlight on aspects of contemporary Chinese society with our China Future Perfect series, which in this festival considers gender issues in the #metoo era, China’s economy, environment and LGBT scene, movie adaptations, and Big Brother, big data and tech privacy. International reporters from the Foreign Correspondents Club of China will discuss their work “Committing journalism”; and in association with RASBJ – for once and for all – there will be the debate on which city is truly the fairest of them all: Beijing or Shanghai?


Not forgetting the neighbour to the east, we present Made in North Korea: Graphics from Everyday Life (Nick Bonner); a panel discussion on “What’s Next for North Korea?”; novelist Krys Lee with her best-selling novel How I became a North Korean; and a conversation with Michael Spavor on his “Two Decades Working with North Korea”.

不要忘记了我们东边的邻居,在一场名为“在北朝鲜的创作:日常生活绘本”(Nick Bonner同名作品)的论坛上我们将为您带来一场关于“北朝鲜的下一步是什么”的小组讨论。小说家Krys Lee带着她的畅销书《我是如何成为一个北朝鲜人的》,加拿大派往北朝鲜特使Michael Spavor和Nick Bonner将在这一场共同对话。

In partnership with SupChina, we present a talk about not talking about sex in literature, a focus on sports development in China, another on china’s erotic banned classic Jin Pei Mei, and the Sinica podcast is welcomed back to the Worm – this time with a focus on jazz in the Middle Kingdom.


Beyond all that, your festival offers literary walking tours and dinners, quizzes, comedy, children’s events led by the talented Sarah Brennan and Trevor Lai; a launch party for NüVoices women writers collective; a young writers panel with InkBeat; workshops on literary translation, researching, fiction and travel writing; poetry and musical collaboration with Spittoon Literary Journal and Spit-tunes; an Irish trad band and dancers to welcome in St Patrick’s Day, and much much more.

在以上之外,我们的文学节还设置有文学漫游和文学晚宴,趣味测试,脱口秀,才华横溢的Sarah Brennan和Trevor Lai带来的儿童专场活动,为NüVoices女性作家团队安排的午宴,有InkBeat参与的青年作家小组,文学翻译、研究、小说和旅行写作研讨会,和Spittoon文学期刊一起将诗歌和音乐结合起来;爱尔兰民族乐乐队和舞者将和大家一起庆祝圣帕特里克节日,以及更多令人期待的安排。

The Bookworm Literary Festival is back – come celebrate literature and ideas with us.


Happy Festivalling!



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