About Us

This year marks the 10th Bookworm Literary Festival (BLF), a full decade based in the heart of Beijing as an independent and privately funded festival. Our purpose, then and now, has been to provide a platform for the promotion of great literature and the free and positive exchange of ideas, and with that in mind we can’t be prouder to introduce our anniversary program.

By the numbers, this year’s BLF is our largest ever, featuring more than 180 writers, thinkers, and performers hailing from over 30 countries. From March 11 to 27, they will converge across three Bookworm cities (Beijing, Chengdu, Suzhou) plus Ningbo and Shanghai to participate in 300-some events, including book talks, panel discussions, performances, and workshops. As always, there will be children’s events, comedy, screenings, and a strong bilingual element.

But dig in and you’ll find that the 10th Bookworm Literary Festival is distinguished by its depth and diversity. Our international lineup includes bestsellers and award-winners, novelists and poets (more poets than ever), historians and critics, journalists and musicians, and more. In addition, our substantial Chinese cast includes the likes of A Yi, Yi Sha, and Yang Li, whose influence in the local literary scene cannot be understated.

Additionally – as a platform for constructive debate, discussion, and the exchange of ideas – we are proud to present our “China Future Perfect” series of panel discussions that hone in on a wide range of key topics and issues, including the environment, civil society, regional stability, economy, film, art, religion, etc.

Literature is an ongoing, global discussion, and through our participation we are challenged to better understand ourselves and the world we occupy. Additionally, thought and dialogue are pillars for a healthy and progressive society. We are proud to be part of this wide discussion and trust the sessions will resonate long after the festival’s conclusion.

The Bookworm Literary Festival is made possible through the generous support of sponsors, cultural partners, patrons, and friends. We would like to offer them our sincerest gratitude.

We very much look forward to festivalling with you!

The Bookworm Literary Festival Team