Hao Wu

Hao Wu is a Chinese-American film director, producer and writer. He is also a documentary maker and blogger known as Tian Yi. In 2005, Wu’s film career started with his first film as director, producer and writer of Beijing or Bust, a documentary about the trials and tribulations of six American-born Chinese who chose to return to Beijing and the cultural adaptation they faced. The film was shown in the 6th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival in 2005. Wu’s second film, The Road to Fame was released in June 2013 and follows students at China’s top drama academy, as they prepare to stage a Chinese version of the musical Fame. In 2018 he released the multi award-winning documentary People’s Republic of Desire which tells the stories of two online livestreaming stars who’ve risen from isolation to fame and fortune in China. Their online showrooms have become virtual gathering places for their millions of fans -from the super- rich who lavish them with digital gifts, to poor migrant workers who worship them. All these characters are brought together in a series of bizarre online idol competitions, where they discover that happiness in the virtual world may be as elusive as in the real one.


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