Keiichiro Hirano

Keiichiro Hirano

Keiichiro Hirano is an internationally acclaimed Japanese novelist born in Aichi prefecture in 1975 and raised in Kita-kyushu. His first novel, The Eclipse, won the Akutagawa Prize in 1999, making him one of the youngest winners ever at 23 years old. He has since published several other novels, including Funeral, Ripples the Dripping Clocks Make, Dawn, and The Only Form of Love. His most recent works are the novel Transparent Maze and a book of essays and interviews Where Vitality is Headed: The Changing World and Dividualism. He is a graduate of Kyoto University’s law department.

March 16: Writing Place
March 17: Japan’s Literary Talent

Keiichiro Hirano’s trip is brought to you with the support of The Japan Foundation.

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