Melinda Liu

Award-winning foreign correspondent Melinda Liu has reported on China for much of her career. She’s lived and worked in Beijing since November 1998, returning to a city in which she had resided from 1980 to 1982 as Newsweek’s first Beijing Bureau Chief. In addition to heading Newsweek’s Beijing Bureau, Liu currently is researching American aviators in WWII China; in 2017 she co-directed a short documentary on the Doolittle Raiders, a group of U.S. airmen who crash-landed in or bailed out over mainland China after bombing Japan during a daring secret mission in April 1942. One of Newsweek’s most experienced foreign correspondents, Liu covered China’s post-Mao modernization; the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and the fall of the Taliban; the 1991 liberation of Kuwait; and U.S. military interventions in Somalia and Haiti. In 2003, she was one of few American journalists in Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel as a firsthand witness to the U.S. “shock and awe” bombing of the Iraqi capital and the fall of Saddam Hussein. Liu won the 2006 Shorenstein Journalism Award in recognition of her reporting on Asia.


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