Nico Helminger

Nico Helminger

Nico Helminger (b. 1953) is a novelist, playwright, and poet from Luxembourg who has studied and worked in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, etc. Among his many prizes is the most important culture award in Luxembourg, the Prix Batty Weber, which he won in 2008. He writes poetry, prose, drama, radio plays, and libretti in Luxembourgish and German. Among his recent works are “zu schwankender zeit und an schwankendem ort” (in volatile times and in a volatile place, 2012), the novel “lëtzebuerger léiwen” (Luxembourgian Lions, 2013), the poetry collection “abrasch” (2013), and the novel Autopsy (2014).

March 17: Francophone Literature and Society

Nico Helminger’s trip is brought to you with the kind support of the Embassy of Luxembourg in Beijing, the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Luxembourg National Center of Literature.

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