Nora Wagener

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Nora Wagener, born 1989, is a fresh voice in the Luxembourgian literary scene. She studied creative writing and arts journalism in Hildesheim, Germany. Her first novel, Menschenliebe und Vogel (literally, Love for Humanity and Bird, Hoot), won the Prix Arts et Lettres from the Institut grand-ducal Luxemburg. This past year saw the publication of her second book, E. Galaxien, and the theatrical debut of her play Visions. Wagener regularly participates in lectures within cultural institutions, fairs, and schools in Luxembourg and abroad. She is a member of the theater collective Independent Little Lies and co-organizer of the lecture series Impossible Readings.

March 17: Literary Europe Live

Nora Wagener’s trip is made possible by the kind support of the Embassy of Luxembourg in Beijing, the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Luxembourg National Center of Literature.

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