Sun Yisheng

Born in 1986 in Shandong province, Sun Yisheng has worked a variety of jobs since graduating in chemistry – including security guard at a cement factory, waiter, technician in a pesticides factory and a factory operator. He has had stories published in several Chinese literary journals, such as Shanghai Literature, People’s Literature and Chutzpah, and some of his work has been translated into English and appeared in Words Without Borders, Asympote, Granta and Pathlight, among others. He won the 2015 Zijin People’s Literary Star Award, and was named as Southern Daily’s Writer of the Month. His first collection of short stories, How Many Dragon-fields Does Your Family Own? was published in 2016.

孙一圣,85后,山东菏泽人,曾做过酒店服务生、水泥厂保安、化工厂操作工和农药厂实验员。现居北京。有小说发在《上海文学》《人民文学》《文艺风赏》《天南》(已停刊)等杂志。还有若干小说译成英文发在美国的《Words Without Borders(文字无国界)》、《Asymptote Journal(渐近线)》、《人民文学》英文版《Pathlight (路灯)》等杂志。曾获得“2015年紫金·人民文学之星奖”、“南方日报月度作家”等。出版有中短篇小说集《你家有龙多少回》。


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