Wang Yan


Wang Yan, formerly known as Wang Fei, was born in 1988 in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, and now lives in Beijing. In 2011, his novel Tomorrow we Will be Separated Again was published online. In 2014, his script Five-Day Duration won the fifth Nine-Minute Screenplay Award. His novel Hell and High Water came out in 2015, and in 2017 his most recent novel Cut Silent was published, which includes six short stories, featuring six ordinary people leading six unorthodox lives.

王掩,原名王飞,1988年生于河北沧州,现居北京。2008年就读于北京石油化工学院,开始文学创作。2011年12月,长篇小说《明日又天涯》与文学网站签约。2014年11月,剧本《五天工期》获得第五届九分钟电影剧本入围奖。2015年6月,于江西省季刊杂志《石钟山》发表中篇 小说处女作《跋山涉水》。2017年6月出版短篇小说集《切莫声张》。


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