Zhu Wenying

Zhu Wenying is a writer who was born in Shanghai; but since 1978 she has lived and worked in Suzhou. Since 1997, she has published several novels including: Aunt Lily’s Small South; Madam Dai and Blue; High Heels; and Watery Marriage; and many novellas including: Prosperity; A Floating Life; Double Pupils; Havana;Staring at Marina; Into xicated Spring Night; as well as many essays. Some of her works have been translated into English, French,Japanese, Russian, German and Korean. In China, she has been awarded many different literature prizes. Her works are unique amongst her peers and have been praised by Chinese critics as “regaining new extensions on the splendid, ancient, and delicate cultural atmosphere of South China.” Some of Zhu Wenying’s works have a strong feminist color and offer a frank analysis of the relationship between the sexes. But, at the same time, she believes that the real ideal of female writing is that a writer should forget she is a woman and a female writer when writing because a good writer should have the characteristics of androgyny. Alongside her literature work, she has also been involved in the fields of art curatorship and criticism in recent years. She continues to explore the literary world and literary cross-cultural exchange activities. She hopes to open up more International literary exchange between the countries of the world and foster a greater understanding of both local andglobal cultural spheres.


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