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China Future Perfect

The Bookworm Literary Festival’s China Future Perfect series comprises thirteen panel discussions that take a deeper look at this country’s environment, civil society, economy, foreign policy, arts, tech, and more. Here’s a platform that promotes discourse and dialogue about contemporary Chinese society.

The Future of Hong Kong | Journalism with Chinese Characteristics | War on Pollution | Innovation and Imitation in China | Minority Matters | Territorial Disputes and Regional Stability | Trends in Spirituality in Modern China | The Future of the Chinese Economy | The Future for Civil Society and Philanthropy | The Arts Alive | Chinese Filmmaking | China LGBT Panel | China’s Future Perfect

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Friday, March 11

Literary Portraits of Women :: Portraits littéraires de femmes 1pm

Agnès Desarthe, moderated by Becky Davis | The Bookworm | BW11B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Agnès Desarthe, a prolific French author and translator, will discuss the female characters who appear through her novels. Desarthe won the Livre Inter Prize in 1996 for her novel Un secret sans importance, the Marcel Pagnol and Virgin/version Femina prizes for Le remplaçant, and the Renaudot Prize for High-schoolers for The Foundling (available in English at The Bookworm). Her latest book, Ce Coeur changeant, received the 2015 Le Monde Literary Prize. This event will be in French with English interpretation.

Agnès Desarthe, auteur et traductrice française prolifique, discutera des personnages féminins dans ses romans. Desarthe remporta le Prix Livre Inter en 1996 pour son roman “Un secret sans importance”, les Prix Marcel Pagnol et Virgin/version Femina pour “Le remplaçant”, le Prix Renaudot des Lycéens pour “Dans la nuit brune” (disponible au Bookworm) et enfin pour son dernier livre, “Le cœur changeant”, le Prix Le Monde Littéraire en 2015.

A Celebration of Literature and Ideas: The 10th Bookworm Literary Festival Opening Ceremony :: 文学与思想的庆典: 第10届老书虫文学节开幕会 8 pm

Bidisha, Robert Drewe, Xiao Meili, A Yi, Richard Blanco | The Bookworm | BW11D | 100 RMB  Purchase Online

For a decade, the Bookworm Literary Festival has existed as a platform for the exchange of literature and ideas, hosting hundreds of authors, thinkers, and artists. We proudly open the 10th edition of the Bookworm Literary Festival with five keynote addresses from: a human rights journalist, an Australian literary titan, one of China’s most visible women’s activists, an ascendant Chinese author, and President Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration poet. Live music will follow.

Saturday 12

Women’s Rights Around the World 10am

Clare Wright, Ying Xin (Xiao Tie), Lijia Zhang; moderated by Bidisha | The Bookworm | BW12A | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), this event will examine some of the most vital issues of the international women’s movement, including sexual violence, sexual harassment, work discrimination, and inequality in terms of law. We’ll also ask whether women’s rights around the world, in this age of Boko Haram and ISIS, are actually being rolled back, and what positive steps are being taken? Moderated by Bidisha, a British writer and BBC broadcaster who specializes in human rights, international affairs, and the arts and culture, with director of the Beijing LGBT Center Ying Xin (known around the community as Xiaotie – Iron) and authors Lijia Zhang and Clare Wright. 

The Future of Hong Kong :: 香港的未来  [Future Perfect] noon

Jason Y. Ng, Didi Kirsten Tatlow; moderated by Tom Phillips | The Bookworm | BW12B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Ever since the handover in 1997 – and actually long before that – questions have swirled about the future of Hong Kong. But after the events of the past year and a half, these questions have taken on an urgent tone. At the heart of the matter: how much longer can Deng Xiaoping’s One Country, Two Systems principle survive? Jason Y. Ng, bestselling author of HONG KONG State of Mind and Umbrellas in Bloom, and Beijing-based New York Times writer Didi Kirsten Tatlow, who was born and raised in Hong Kong, will discuss the future of this former British colony. Moderated by Guardian reporter Tom Phillips.

自从香港1997年的回归 – 其实远远之前 – 香港就环绕在政治问题之中。但是在经过过去一年半的事件之后,这些问题显得越来越紧迫。我们都想知道的 – 邓小平的“一国两制”还能坚持多久?畅销书HONG KONG State of Mind和Umbrellas in Bloom的作者Jason Y. Ng和香港长大的纽约时报记者Didi Kirsten Tatlow会一起讨论这个曾经的英国殖民地的未来。主持人是英国卫报的记者Tom Phillips。

Disseminating the Magic: Children’s Writing in the Digital Age 2pm

Bao Dongni, Graeme Base, Jane Godwin; moderated by Sandra Greenwell | The Bookworm | BW12C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

There’s a digital revolution in children’s publishing, with stories being produced with interactive activities previously impossible. But developments in the digital sphere have caused far fewer disruptions in the children’s book market than their adult counterpart. What have children’s authors learned, and can they save the publishing industry? Bao Dongni has published more than 200 children’s and picture books, Graeme Base is one of the world’s leading creators of picture books, whose Animalia has sold three million copies worldwide, and Jane Godwin is the former Publisher for Young Readers at Penguin Books Australia in addition to being an acclaimed author of many children’s books. Moderated by Sandra Greenwell, Dulwich College Beijing Head of Libraries. 

That Damned Thing She Said 4pm

Eric Abrahamsen, Dave Haysom, Karoline KanNick Stember | The Bookworm | BW12D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

For more than six months, Paper Republic has been publishing free-to-read stories each week on the Web. With International Women’s Day in mind, Read Paper Republic has selected four short stories from China that focus on highly charged issues such as sexual freedom, political disappearances, “leftover” women, and compromising situations. These will be used as the basis for “speed bookclubbing”: audience members will be divided into four groups that will cycle between simultaneous small-scale moderated discussions. You can download and read the pieces beforehand from Paper Republic.

I Cycled Into the Arctic Circle 4pm

Matt Hulse, moderated by Vicky Mohieddeen | iQiyi | IQ12A | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

In 1951, a deaf-mute Scotsman named James Duthie cycled from his small village – where he was known as Dummy Jim – to the Arctic Circle and back, a 3,000-mile trip that took three months and cost just £12. Several decades later, a filmmaker from the UK decided to recreate that journey, so to speak – except it took him 13 years. Matt Hulse, that filmmaker, will give an audio-visual presentation about how he retraced Duthie’s epic journey, why he did it, how it took so long to complete the movie, a part-fiction, part-documentary film called Dummy Jim that won Best of the Fest at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2013. Hulse will also read from the book I Cycled Into the Arctic Circle, a revised edition of Duthie’s original journal by the same name, published by The Saltire Society.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Writing With and Against History 6pm

Ragnar Baldursson, Clare Wright, moderated by Jennifer Mills | The Bookworm | BW12E | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Ragnar Baldursson and Clare Wright are both nonfiction writers with a keen sense of history. Baldursson’s book, Nineteen Seventy-Six, recounts the first days, weeks, and months after the Cultural Revolution, a period he experienced firsthand. Wright is a historian and former political speechwriter whose works have looked at Australia’s politicians, female publicans, and the brave women of Ballarat (in the award-winning The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, which took her ten years to research and write).

Your Face in Mine 6pm

Jess Row, moderated by Uchechi Kalu | iQiyi | IQ12B | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

Jess Row’s debut novel tackles issues of race and alienation with the most inventive of premises: a white Jewish man undergoes “racial reassignment surgery” to become a black man. Praised as “a refreshing plunge into the deep end of the race conversation” (AV Club), Your Face in Mine – and this discussion – seeks to provoke thinking about identity politics and what it means to choose a particular culture.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

One Today: Live Reading by Obama’s Inauguration Poet 8pm

Richard Blanco, with introduction by Bradford Philen | The Bookworm | BW12F | 80 RMB  Purchase Online

President Barack Obama selected Richard Blanco in 2012 to serve as the fifth inaugural poet in U.S. history, putting him in the elite company of Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, Miller Williams, and Elizabeth Alexander. Born in Madrid to Cuban parents, Blanco grew up in Miami and has used his work to probe questions of identity and place. He is the youngest, first Latino, immigrant, and gay person to read at a presidential inauguration. Come listen to one of the finest poets in the U.S. share his journey of discovery and belonging.

This event is brought to you with the kind support of International School of Beijing (ISB).

Sunday 13

Umbrellas in Bloom noon

Jason Y. Ng, moderated by Julie Makinen | The Bookworm | BW13B | 60 RMB — Purchase Online

In late September 2014, a group of students initiated a civil disobedience campaign that swelled into a massive pro-democracy movement that saw more than 100,000 people, at its various peaks, occupy the streets of downtown Hong Kong. Jason Y. Ng, a bestselling local author, was there to capture many of the stories, both big and small. His book, Umbrellas in Bloom, is the first English-language chronicle of those turbulent days, weeks, and months. “The umbrella flowers blossomed and withered,” says Benny Tai, co-founder of Occupy Central with Love and Peace. “Ng captures the lifecycle of the occupy movement with compassion and wit.” Ng will share his experiences with Los Angeles Times Beijing Bureau Chief Julie Makinen.

Brevity is the Soul: Short Fiction 2pm

Jon Bilbao, Robert Drewe, Jess Row; moderated by Bradford Philen | The Bookworm | BW13C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

The best short stories are condensed and compelling pieces of storytelling that linger with the reader long after they have finished. The form is also universal, as these masters of the short story – hailing from three different countries – can attest. Jon Bilbao, from Spain, has published three short story collections; Robert Drewe, from Australia, is an author and editor of two international short story anthologies; and Jess Row, from the U.S., is the author of two short story collections whose work has been anthologized three times in The Best American Short Stories and have won two Pushcart Prizes and a PEN/O. Henry Award. The session will be moderated by International School of Beijing’s Brad Philen, author of the short story collection Everything is Insha’Allah.

Dragons in Diamond Village 2pm

David Bandurski, moderated by Josh Chin | The Opposite House | OH13 | Free (seating is first-come, first-served)

Dragons in Diamond Village: And Other Tales from the Back Alleys of Urbanising China takes a look at the grassroots social activism emerging in China’s cities as local villagers seek a greater voice in their country’s breakneck drive for a new urban future. The book, which took David Bandurski nearly ten years to research and write, tells the stories of a band of unlikely activists, including Huang Minpeng, a semi-literate farmer turned self-taught rights defender, and Li Qizhong, a Guangzhou urban villager who refuses to relinquish his ancestral home to a powerful property developer. These tales take us into the heart of new China. Moderated by Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Chin.

This event will be held at The Opposite House.

Journalism with Chinese Characteristics :: 在中国的新闻 [Future Perfect] 4pm

David Bandurski, Raymond Zhou; moderated by Marcus Ryder | The Bookworm | BW13D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Finding sources, verifying facts, sifting truth from hearsay: journalism is hard enough, but doing it in China – for Chinese publications – presents a whole new set of challenges. It’s worth asking: what exactly is journalism in China, especially with so many voices competing for attention and credibility in the digital sphere? Our panelists include David Bandurski, researcher at China Media Project and co-author of Investigative Journalism in China, a book of eight cases on Chinese watchdog journalism; and Raymond Zhou, senior writer for China Daily and longtime film, theater, and culture critic. (UPDATE: Raymond can no longer attend.) Moderated by veteran BBC news executive Marcus Ryder, currently Chief International Digital Media Editor for CCTV.

做一名记者已经足够难了 – 从传言中寻找来源,从留言中找到事实。但是在中国,为中国的媒体做一名记者,是完全不同的挑战。二十一世纪的中国,太多的网络媒体在竞争的今天,什么才是新闻呢?我们请来的人包括David Bandurski,中国传媒项目(China Media Project)的一位研究员和Investigative Journalism in China(一本收收入了八起“看门狗新闻学”的案例的书)的合著者;还有Raymond Zhou,中国日报的高级编辑和资深的电影、话剧和文化批评家。主持人是前BBC新闻主管Marcus Ryder,现在是CCTV的首席国际数字媒体编辑。

New Chinese Writing 6pm

A Yi, Shuang Xuetao; moderated by Eric Abrahamsen | The Bookworm | BW13E | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

A Yi and Shuang Xuetao are two accomplished authors who belong to an emerging generation of Chinese writers who have taken non-mainstream routes to success. A Yi, formerly the editor-in-chief of the edgy literary magazine Chutzpah, has been published in Granta and The Guardian, and has been called “one of the most gifted Chinese authors in recent times” (by Nobel-nominated poet Bei Dao). Shuang Xuetao’s fiction has yet to be translated, but it’s only a matter of time; he’s won prizes at multiple competitions, including first prize at the 14th Taipei Literature Awards. This talk will be moderated by Eric Abrahamsen, editor at Pathlight, China’s premier English-language literary journal of translated Chinese works of short fiction and poetry. This event will be in Chinese with English interpretation.

Knocked Up Abroad 6pm

Charlotte Edwards-Zhang, Vanessa Jencks, Ruth Silbermayr-Song, Ember Swift; moderated by Theresa Ahdieh | iQiyi | IQ13 | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

Pregnancy and childbirth are exciting and life-changing events. When experienced in a foreign country, the adventure takes countless unexpected twists and turns as mothers must navigate foreign languages, customs, and healthcare practices. Knocked Up Abroad: Stories of Pregnancy, Birth, and Raising a Family in a Foreign Country will take readers on an exciting journey through 24 different countries. In each of the unique stories in Knocked Up Abroad, the concepts of family and love translate into every language and are uniquely celebrated. Ember Swift, a contributing writer in the anthology, will present an excerpt alongside three other expat writing moms (Vanessa Jencks, Charlotte Edwards-Zhang, and Ruth Silbermayr-Song).

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Bad Feminist 8pm [UPDATE: Due to a last-minute emergency, Roxane is no longer able to travel to China, so this event has been cancelled. We will provide a full refund to everyone who purchased a ticket to this event. Our apologies.]

Roxane Gay, moderated by Bidisha | The Bookworm | BW13F | 100 RMB  Purchase Online

In the opening pages of her bestselling book Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay writes, “I disavowed feminism because I had no rational understanding of the movement. I was called a feminist, and what I heard was, ‘You are an angry, sex-hating, man-hating victim lady person.’” In the essays that follow, Gay uses razor-sharp insight to slice apart our misconceptions of feminism, and in the process announces herself as one of America’s foremost voices on issues ranging from gender to identity, pop culture, politics, and more. Gay will also discuss her debut novel An Untamed State, which begins with the kidnapping of the narrator in Port-au-Prince. The New York Times called the book a fairytale in the vein of Brother Grimm, “its complex and fragile moral arrived at through great pain and high cost.”

Monday 14

China’s Economy: Powerhouse, Menace, or the Next Japan? 1pm

Arthur Kroeber, moderated by Lucy Hornby | The Bookworm | BW14B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

As the recent tumult on global markets shows, China risks destabilizing the world as it makes the hard shift from an investment-driven to a consumer-oriented economy. The headwinds of an aging population and a battle against corruption are also slowing the country’s growth. Will China mature as a global economic leader, trigger a crisis, or stagnate like Japan? Arthur Kroeber, editor of China Economic Quarterly and author of the forthcoming China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford, April 2016) will tackle these tough questions. Moderated by Financial Times China correspondent Lucy Hornby.

Deep, Dark, and Human 6pm

Jon Bilbao, Michela Murgia, Scot Slaby; moderated by Carly Hallman | The Bookworm | BW14C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

The human condition is as recognizable as it is elusive. Is writing merely a vehicle toward the understanding of the human condition, or is it an outcrop from the human condition itself? To discuss are Spanish author Jon Bilbao, whose novel Still the Same Man explores man’s deepest and darkest instincts; Italian writer Michela Murgia, who attended theological studies and worked as a religion teacher before making her literary debut with Il mondo deve sapere, which inspired the film Tutta la vita davanti by Paolo Virzi; and Scot Slaby, a poet whose first chapbook, The Cards We’ve Drawn, won the 2013 Bright Hill Press National At Hand Chapbook Competition. Moderated by Carly Hallman, author of the novel Year of the Goose.

South China Morning Blues 7:30pm

Ray Hecht, moderated by Adam Robbins | iQiyi | IQ14 | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

Just what kinds of people find themselves in 21st-century China? Crooked businessmen, travelers, drug-fueled models, alcoholic journalists, failing artists… their lives intertwine in Ray Hecht’s debut novel South China Morning Blues – set in the Pearl River Delta – and as they delve deeper into their surroundings, they learn more about themselves than they could have imagined. Moderated by City Weekend editor Adam Robbins.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Do Not Marry Before Age 30: Empowering Women 8pm

Joy Chen, moderated by Felicia Sonmez | The Bookworm | BW14D | 80 RMB  Purchase Online

Joy Chen, the former deputy mayor of Los Angeles, is the author of Do Not Marry Before Age 30 – part memoir and part self-help guide – which debunks conventional wisdom that single women are “leftover” by their late 20s, and helps them unlock their potential and realize their dreams. The book is a bestseller in China, where it has won Chen a massive following. In 2012 the All-China Women’s Federation named Chen “Woman of the Year.” She currently has a movie in development with Wanda Media, and one with Alibaba Pictures. Moderated by Wall Street Journal reporter Felicia Sonmez.

This event is brought to you with the kind support of Yew Chung International School (YCIS) of Beijing.

Tuesday 15

War on Pollution :: 治理污染的攻坚持久战 [Future Perfect] 1pm

Anders Hove, Li Yan, Ma Tianjie; moderated by Edward Wong | The Bookworm | BW15B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

China’s rapid industrialization has caused tremendous environmental damage, which in turn has stagnated growth – a 2007 World Bank study concluded that air and water pollution costs China about 4.3 percent annual GDP. Fearing this could lead to social unrest, Premier Li Keqiang declared “war on pollution” in 2013. Two years later, do we see progress, or is this “war” mostly being waged for public perception? Here’s a China environment panel that digs beyond cliché to unveil the problems and challenges at the center of China’s environmental quandary. Featuring Anders Hove, Associate Director for China Research at the Paulson Institute; Li Yan, Deputy Program Director of Greenpeace East Asia; and Ma Tianjie, managing editor in the Beijing office of China Dialogue, a organization specializing in reporting on China’s environment; moderated by New York Times Beijing Bureau Chief Edward Wong.

中国极速的工业化已经造成了巨大的环境伤害 – 而这些污染在问题已经开始影响中国的经济发展。2007年世界银行的一项研究发现中国每年花费在治理空气和水污染的费用已经达到GDP的4.3%。总理李克强早已在2013年宣布了要打一场“治理雾霾的攻坚持久战”。两年之后的今天,我们真的看到了进展么?还是这一切只不过是宣传?我们在这次讨论中将打破传统的误解,深入挖掘中国污染治理问题的本质。我们邀请到了:Paulson Institute的中国研究的副主任Anders Hove;Greenpeace East Asia的副项目主管Li Yan;China Dialogue(一个专门报道中国环境内容的组织)的管理编辑Ma Tianjie。主持人是纽约斯堡的北京总编辑Edward Wong。

Poetry Around the World 6pm

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Mindaugas Nastaravicius, Kabu Okai-Davies, Scot Slaby; moderated by Edward Ragg | The Bookworm | BW15C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Four poets from diverse backgrounds – spanning five continents – come together for readings and discussion. Tammy Ho Lai-Ming is the poetry editor of the literary journal Asian Cha in Hong Kong, and whose poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize three times; Mindaugas Nastaravicius is one of Lithuania’s best poets, whose poetry collection Stained Eyes received the Zigmas Gele prize for best literary debut, and whose second poetry collection, Mo, was selected one of the “top five poetry books of the year”; Kabu Okai-Davies is a Ghanaian-Australian poet whose work focuses on culture and identity; and Scot Slaby is an American poet whose first chapbook, The Cards We’ve Drawn, won the 2013 Bright Hill Press National At Hand Chapbook Competition. Moderated by local poet Edward Ragg, winner of the Cinnamon Press Poetry Award for his debut collection A Force That Takes.

Voices from the Margins: Gender, Politics, and Race 8pm 

Roxane Gay, He Xiaopei, Xiao Meili; moderated by Emily Rauhala | The Bookworm | BW15D | 80 RMB  Purchase Online

How universal are issues of gender, politics, race, sexuality, privilege, class, and identity? Roxane Gay, the bestselling author of Bad Feminist, will engage in a cross-cultural dialogue with Xiao Meili, one of China’s most prominent women’s rights activists, and He Xiaopei, executive director of Pink Space Sexuality Research Center, an NGO that provides a platform for minority groups to tell their stories. This event will be moderated by Washington Post correspondent Emily Rauhala. This event will be conducted in English and Chinese. [UPDATE: Due to a last-minute emergency, Roxane is no longer able to travel to China. This event will go as planned, but we will provide a full refund to those who request it.]

Launch Party: MaLa Literary Journal, Issue 4 (Reconstruction) 9:30pm

Featuring Sheng Keyi, Su Cici, Tammy Ho Lai-Ming | The Bookworm | Free

MaLa began as the Chengdu Bookworm Literary Journal, but it has become much more: a publication where East and West collide and collude, featuring English-language poetry, fiction, and nonfiction from and about China. This issue features works from Hong Kong writer Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, much-anthologized poet and short story writer Su Cici, and artwork from award-winning novelist and painter Sheng Keyi, all of whom will be in attendance at this Issue 4 launch party.

Wednesday 16

Writing Place 6pm

Keiichiro Hirano, Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Mindaugas NastaraviciusOwen Martell; moderated by Jesse Field | The Bookworm | BW16C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

This discussion seeks to answer what it means to write about a particular place, whatever or wherever that place may be. Owen Martell, from Wales, is an Arts Council of Wales’ Welsh Book of the Year award recipient, whose work is mostly written in the Welsh language. (UPDATE: Due to a scheduling conflict, Owen Martell can no longer make it; he will be replaced by Mindaugas Nastaravicius, a Lithuanian poet and playwright whose second poetry collection, Mo, which was selected one of the “top five poetry books of the year” and listed as one of the “twelve most creative books of the year” by the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore.) Keiichiro Hirano is a Japanese novelist whose book The Eclipse won the Akutagawa Prize in 1999, making him the youngest writer ever to take this award. And Tammy Ho Lai-Ming is a poet and short story writer from Hong Kong, as well as the founding editor of Asian Cha, Hong Kong’s first online literary journal.

Literary Europe Live :: 欧洲文学现场 6:30pm

Alexandra Buchler, Owen Martell, Jordi Punti, Undinė Radzevičiūtė, Nico Helminger, Lambert Schlechter, Bidisha | Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands | Private Event — Please email inquires to 

A discussion featuring seven leading European writers and thinkers, followed by a cocktail reception. (English/Chinese simultaneous translation)


Loreli China Presents: Songwriters of Beijing 8pm

Jordan Darling, Xuefeng Ji, Su Zixu, Dan Taylor; moderated by Daniel Lenk, with introduction by Kerryn Leitch | The Bookworm | BW16D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Beijing’s best songwriters discuss lyrics, licks, and taking it to the bridge. Featuring acoustic performances and a lively debate about collaboration, compulsion, and the vibrant and diverse Beijing music scene – plus what the future might hold after the loss of several live venues over the last few years. Featuring singer-songwriter Jordan Darling, Dan Taylor of The Harridans and Luv Plastik, Su Zixiu (苏紫旭) of The Paramecia (Su was a contestant on the TV show Sing My Song), and Xuefeng Ji of the psychedelic band The Peppercorns.

Thursday 17

Francophone Literature and Society :: La littérature francophone et la société 1pm

Frédéric Ciriez, Nico Helminger, Lambert Schlechter, moderated by Julien Girault | The Bookworm | BW17B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Three prominent authors talk about the trends and developments in French-language literature, including how it addresses – or doesn’t – the contemporary issues confronting the modern world. Frédéric Ciriez is a French novelist, essayist, and advocate of the Sape movement, which was born in the war-torn streets of Brazzaville and Kinshasa and emphasizes fashion, elegance, and the values of peace and nonviolence; Nico Helminger is a Luxembourgian novelist, playwright, and poet who has won the country’s most important culture award, the Prix Batty Weber; and Lambert Schlechter is the author of 25-some books, who studied philosophy and literature in Paris and Nancy before teaching philosophy, French language, and literature at the Lycée Classique in Echternach. This event will be in French with English interpretation.

Trois auteurs éminents parlent des tendances et du développement de la littérature francophone. Ils montrent notamment dans quelle mesure et de quelle façon cette littérature traite ou non des problèmes de la société actuelle. Frédéric Ciriez est romancier, essayiste et membre actif du mouvement SAPE. Mouvement, qui né dans les ruelles violentes de Brazzaville et de Kinshasa, met en relation la mode et l’élégance avec les valeurs de paix et de pacifisme; Nico Helminger, romancier, dramaturge et poète luxembourgeois, est lauréat du prix culturel le plus important de son pays: Le Prix Batty Weber; et Lambert Schlechter, auteur d’une vingtaine de livres, après des études de littérature et de philosophie à Paris et à Nice, enseigne aujourd’hui la langue la littérature française au Lycée Classique d’Echternach au Luxembourg.

A Novel Approach: Experimenting with Language and Style 6pm

Eimear McBride, Anna Smaill, Xu Zechen; moderated by Rosie Blau | The Bookworm | BW17C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

For you. You’ll soon. You’ll give her name. In the stitches of her skin she’ll wear your say. Thus begins Eimear McBride’s A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing, one of the most daring and innovative novels to come out in recent times. Anna Smaill’s novel, The Chines, is no less ambitious, set in a dystopic London where the written word is gone and a series of daily chimes destroys memory. And Xu Zechen’s Running Through Beijing – his first book translated into English – is like a literary Run Lola Run, following a hustling hero trying to stay ahead of the law – and himself. These three will share the stage in a discussion about language, style, and the novel, moderated by Economist correspondent Rosie Blau, a former judge for the Man Booker Prize.

Japan’s Literary Talent 7:30pm

Keiichiro Hirano, moderated by Karen Ma | iQiyi | IQ17 | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

Keiichiro Hirano is a prodigious literary talent from Japan who wrote his first novel when he was 17. He won the highly prestigious Akutagawa Prize when he was only 23 for his novel The Eclipse (Nisshoku), making him the youngest author to ever win that award. A hugely versatile writer, his publications include historical fiction, science fiction, short stories focusing on contemporary Japanese society, and wide-ranging essays. Hirano will talk about his creative work, his writing life, and the wider literary scene in Japan. Moderated by Karen Ma, author of the semi-autobiographical novel Excess Baggage, based on her family’s experiences as Chinese immigrants in 1990s Tokyo. This event will be in Japanese with English interpretation.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Spoken-Word Performance 7:30pm

Philip Wilcox | International School of Beijing | Free — Reserve Online

2015 Australian Poetry Slam national champion Philip Wilcox mixes poetry, stories, anecdotes, and jokes in this full-length performance.

This event will be held at International School of Beijing (ISB), one of BLF 2016’s main sponsors. To enter ISB, you MUST have a print-out of your reservation.

Literary Europe Live 8pm

Owen Martell, Jordi Punti, Undine Radzeviciute, Nora Wagener; moderated by Alexandra Büchler | The Bookworm | BW17D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Literature Across Frontiers is a Wales-based organization whose purpose is to promote European literature, particularly highlighting lesser-translated literature. This event is chaired by LAF’s director, Alexandra Büchler. Panelists include Welsh writer Owen Martell (winner of the Arts Council of Wales’ Welsh Book of the Year award in 2001), Spanish writer Jordi Punti (award-winning Catalan author), Lithuanian novelist Undine Radzeviciute, and Luxembourgian writer/artist Nora Wagener.

Friday 18

Ken Hom, Master Chef 6pm

Ken Hom, moderated by Kristen Lum | The Bookworm | BW18C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Ken Hom is an American-born celebrity chef, TV presenter, and author of more than 80 books, many of which have been translated worldwide. He has spent more than three decades on UK television and is acknowledged as a leading expert on Asian and Chinese cuisine, and has cooked for presidents, prime ministers, celebrities, and royalty across the world. In 2009 he was appointed honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for “services to culinary arts.” Learn more about him and his work at this talk moderated by Kristen Lum, founder of the food blog

Contemporary Spanish Poetry 6:30pm

Cervantes Institute | CS18 | FreeReservation required by emailing (please include phone number)

Instituto Cervantes and the Embassy of Uruguay in Beijing present the projection of two movies connected to the poetry of Uruguay, made by poet/audiovisual artist Fernando Foglino and ORIGAMI Productions. The event will consist of welcoming words from Inmaculada González Puy, director of the Cervantes Institute in Beijing, and introduction of the event by the Embassy of Uruguay in Beijing, followed by a presentation on the characteristics of contemporary poetry in Uruguay by Laura Silva, the Uruguayan embassy’s Cultural Attaché. A six- minute short video, Clipoemas Foglino will be screened first, followed by POETAS Proyecto Crossmedia (ORIGAMI Productions), a material of 45 minutes. Both will be in Spanish with Chinese subtitles. A taste of honor will follow, provided by the Embassy of Uruguay. This event will be held at the Cervantes Institute of Beijing.

A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing 7:30pm

Eimear McBride, moderated by Bridget Riley | iQiyi | IQ18 | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

A Girl is a Half-formed Thing – Liverpool-born Irish writer Eimear McBride’s first book – is a sensation, a stream-of-consciousness narrative written in disjointed language from the perspective of a young girl growing up with her cancer-stricken brother. It was named Best Book of the Year by a host of publications, including The New York Times Book Review, NPR, New York Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and more. The New Yorker called it a “blazingly original novel… fueled by fractured, adventurous language and raw emotion.” One of the people currently working on a Chinese translation of this book, Liu Yan, will be at this talk to briefly discuss the process of translating such a challenging and profound novel.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Voices of Canada 8pm

Dionne Brand, Michael Crummey, Andy McGuire, Anakana Schofield; moderated by Nathan VanderKlippe | The Bookworm | BW18D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

We put the spotlight on Canadian literature in this event featuring four of the country’s freshest and most unique voices. Dionne Brand, who grew up in Trinidad, was Toronto’s third Poet Laureate from 2009-12, and writes on gender, race, identity, and the African diaspora; Michael Crummey is an award-winning poet and novelist whose latest, Sweetland, has been garnering critical praise as both a hilarious and heartbreaking epic; Andy McGuire recently published his debut poetry collection, Country Club, “a lyrical wilderness of power, wealth, leisure, and desire”; and Anakana Schofield is an award-winning writer whose debut novel, Malarky, was a sensation, and whose latest book, Martin John, was shortlisted for the 2015 Scotiabank Giller Prize. Moderated by Globe and Mail reporter Nathan VanderKlippe.

Saturday 19

Buy Me the Sky: The Remarkable Truth of China’s One-Child Generations 10am

Xinran, moderated by Laurie O’Donnell | The Bookworm | BW19A | 60 RMB  Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

China’s One-Child Policy – recently abolished – has shaped an entire generation of men and women. Those born after 1979 are defined by the policy, and their stories are both remarkable and commonplace in this country of 1.4 billion. Xinran’s Buy Me the Sky is an intimate snapshot of this generation. The author made her name in China through talk radio as host of the call-in program “Words on Night Breeze” from 1989 to 1997. She has since gone on to become an international bestselling author with books that promote women’s issues and cultural understanding, such The Good Women of ChinaSky Burial, and Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of Loss and Love.

Innovation and Imitation in China :: 中国的创新与模仿 [Future Perfect] noon

Christina Larson, Edmond Lococo, Kaiser Kuo, moderated by Josh Chin | The Bookworm | BW19B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

Every sector seeks innovation, but what does it actually entail? From Baidu’s plans for autonomous vehicles to micro-entrepreneurs and their ingenious do-everything apps, innovation is all around us – and yet, limitations also remain very real. Christina Larson, a contributing correspondent for Science magazine, writes about science, technology, and culture for such magazines as MIT Technology Review, Fast Company, and Bloomberg Businessweek; Edmond Lococo is senior vice president for public relations at ICR, which counsels companies in tech, consumer, and industrial growth; and Kaiser Kuo is director of international communications at Baidu and host of the Sinica podcast. Moderated by Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Chin.

这个年代似乎谁都在讲创新,但是创新究竟什么意思?从百度研究无人驾驶机动车的计划到每一个咖啡馆都能看到的应用开发创业者 – 我们周围创新的例子太多了。但是创新的同时我们也不断看到十分现实的限制。我们邀请到了:Science杂志和Bloomberg BusinessWeek的作者Christina Larson,她写的内容包括科学、技术和文化等;ICR(一个做技术、消费者和工业生产的顾问公司)的副主席Edmond Locco;还有百度的国际交流主任和Sinica播客的主持人Kaiser Kuo。

Memory and Place 2pm

Michael Crummey, Mariko Nagai, Anna Smaill; moderated by Kerryn Leitch | The Bookworm | BW19C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Three writers gather to discuss the role of memory and place in their stories. In Michael Crummey’s latest novel, Sweetland, residents of an endangered Newfoundland community – led by one enigmatic Moses Sweetland – try to save the last vestiges of their history. In Mariko Nagai’s Dust of Eden – a “novel” written as a series of poems – the main characters try to make sense of their identities after being relocated from their Seattle homes to Japanese internment camps during World War II. And in Anna Smaill’s The Chimes, the written word is replaced with music and memory is wholly wiped out.

Travel Writing as Literature 2pm

Lieve Joris, moderated by Kathleen McLaughlin | iQiyi | IQ19A | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

Lieve Joris has spent a great deal of her life traveling, and she has the books to show for it. In 1985 she set sail to the former Belgian colony of Congo, where her great-uncle had been a missionary. Congo became a recurring theme in her work, leading successively to Back to the Congo, The Leopard’s Dance, The Rebels’ Hour, and The High Plains. Her travels through the Arab world and her friendship with the Syrian woman Hala led to The Gates of Damascus, an intimate portrait of life in the Syrian capital. Her journeys between Africa and China resulted in her latest work, On the Wings of the Dragon. Wherever she goes, Joris immerses herself in the local culture, living in people’s houses (sometimes huts), adapting to their pace of life. She’ll explain how she does it, and discuss the rewards – and challenges – of the process.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Loss, Longing, and the Bizarreries of Life 4pm

Ofir Touché Gafla, Anakana Schofield; moderated by Griffin Loynes | The Bookworm | BW19D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Loss and longing are themes that play prominently in the novels of both Ofir Touché Gafla and Anakana Schofield. In Gafla’s The World of the End, the protagonist kills himself in the hopes of finding his deceased wife in the Other World. In Schofield’s latest novel, the title character Martin John is a sex offender trying to make the best out of his devastating urges. Both authors write pointedly about desire, but also show how lives can be warped by obsession and want. Moderated by Griffin Loynes of International School of Beijing.

The Miraculous History of China’s Two Palace Museums 4pm

Mark O’Neill, moderated by George Ding | iQiyi | IQ19B | 50 RMB  Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

The two most famous Chinese museums are located in Beijing (Palace Museum in the Forbidden City) and Taipei (National Palace Museum). Mark O’Neill, a longtime journalist based in Hong Kong, brings these museums to life as he tells the story of how China’s most precious artifacts were rescued from invaders and found their way to these two locations. O’Neill is the author of four other books, including The Second Tang Dynasty: The 12 Sons of Fragrant Mountain Who Changed China and Frederick: The Life of My Missionary Grandfather in Manchuria.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Shanghai Redemption: Investigating Murder, Sex, and Corruption 6pm

Qiu Xiaolong, moderated by Tom Hancock | The Bookworm | BW19E | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Qiu Xiaolong’s latest novel, Shanghai Redemption, takes the protagonist Inspector Chen Cao on new adventures deep inside the Chinese Communist Party. Qiu, who lives in St. Louis but writes trenchantly about contemporary Chinese issues, took inspiration for his latest – the ninth Inspector Chen novel in the series – from the case of Bo Xilai. There’s sex, murder, and a power struggle, all of which illuminate just a little of the opaque world of China’s political elite. Come see why the New York Times calls Qiu “an expert on the more sordid aspects of the Chinese political and legal systems.”

Atmen Einstellen, Bitte! Adjust Your Breathing, Please! 6pm

Kai Strittmatter, moderated by Julia Weibel | iQiyi | IQ19C | 50 RMB  Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

Beijing-based journalist and writer Kai Strittmatter was the China correspondent of Germany’s Sueddeutsche from 1997 to 2005, and returned to China in 2012 after seven years reporting from Istanbul. He is the author of several books on China, Hong Kong, and Istanbul, and is currently writing a new one inspired by the hutong where he lives with his family and the country in which he resides. He will share stories and insights from his many years reporting from China, and conduct a short reading in German (with English and Chinese subtitles).

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Gala Dinner with Special Menu and Discussion with Celebrity Chef Ken Hom 7pm

Ken Hom, moderated by Lillian Chou | Green T House | GT19 | 588 RMB (+15% service charge) — Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

Ken Hom, who has cooked for heads of state, royalty, and celebrities – the likes of Elton John, Jiang Zemin, and Jacques Chirac, to name just a few – brings his health-conscious food philosophy and unique fusion of East and West to Beijing for a special gala dinner. Be prepared for a sumptuous, never-before-seen four-course meal featuring luxurious truffles paired with wine. Hom, who has spent more than three decades on UK television and was appointed honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for “services to culinary arts,” will introduce dishes and answer questions between each course.

This dinner will be held at Green T House. Space is limited. Please send inquiries to

In Conversation with Xinran 7pm

Xinran, moderated by Joe McKee | Dulwich | Free Reserve Online

Xue Xinran, who writes under the pen name Xinran, is a British-Chinese journalist, author, and advocate of women’s issues. She will talk about her books – including international bestseller The Good Women of China and her latest, Buy Me the Sky, about China’s one-child generation – and her other work, past and present. Moderated by Joe McKee, Dulwich College Beijing Academic Director.

This event will be held at Dulwich College Beijing, one of BLF 2016’s main sponsors.

Stuff I Learnt from 90s Children’s Television: Spoken-Word Performance 8pm

Philip Wilcox | The Bookworm | BW19F | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

2015 Australian Poetry Slam national champion Philip Wilcox mixes poetry, stories, anecdotes, and jokes in this full-length performance, put together for the Bookworm Literary Festival. Described as a “natural on stage for his ability to engage the audience with his wit, humor, lyrical lessons, and authenticity” (Jessie Ray, founder and creator of Art Party) and a poet who “asks us questions about our humanity that are frank and difficult to answer” (Miles Merrill, founder of the Australian Poetry Slam), Wilcox will have you laughing, musing, brooding, and cheering – sometimes all at once. Come see why Wilcox is a headliner considered one of the best spoken-world performers in the world.

Sunday 20

Minority Matters: Focus on Ethnicity in Chinese Culture :: 关于中国的少数民族 [Future Perfect] 10am

Li Dan, Sonthar Gyal, Xinran, Tsering Droma; moderated by Jocelyn Ford | The Bookworm | BW20A | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

China officially recognizes 56 ethnic groups, from the Ewenki of Inner Mongolia (only 30,000) to the majority Han (about 92 percent of the population), who exist in various states of conflict and cooperation. This panel takes a look at some of China’s ethnic issues, including various policies that both protect and erode the customs and traditions of the country’s lesser-known ethnic minorities. This event will be in Chinese with English interpretation. 


Crime and Vice noon

Qiu Xiaolong, Nury Vittachi; moderated by Robert Foyle Hunwick | The Bookworm | BW20B | 60 RMB — Purchase Online

Two renowned crime novelists share the stage to discuss when a crime novel is about more than just crime. Nury Vittachi’s The Feng Shui Detective – which has been translated into multiple languages and published worldwide – is a “comedy-crime” series of novels that explore ideological and cultural differences between East and West. Qiu Xiaolong’s Inspector Chen series of detective novels explores deeper issues within contemporary Chinese society, including corruption throughout all levels of government. Moderated by Robert Foyle Hunwick, a former HarperCollins crime editor who is working on a book about vice and crime in China.

Spotlight on Africa 2pm

Lieve Joris, Liang Zi, Kabu Okai-Davies; moderated by Hannah Ryder | The Bookworm | BW20C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

The China-Africa relationship is a complex, fascinating subject, one that our panelists know well. Lieve Joris is the author of On The Wings of The Dragon, about her journeys between Africa and China, written after she immersed herself in the world of Africans and Chinese who ventured into each other’s territory; Kabu Okai-Davies is a Ghanaian-Australian writer whose work often deals with issues of culture and identity; and Liang Zi is a photographer who has traveled to Africa a dozen times, and is the first female photographer from China to explore African tribal culture. Moderated by Hannah Ryder, Head of Policy and Partnerships for United Nations Development Programme China.

Confucius: And the World He Created 2pm

Michael Schuman, moderated by Megha Rajagopalan | iQiyi | IQ20A | 50 RMB  Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

Confucius, who might be the most influential philosopher in history, permeates Chinese society in ways we’ve taken for granted – and ways we hardly know. Veteran correspondent and Beijing resident Michael Schuman, who has written for Time magazine and The Wall Street Journal, takes a closer look at Confucius’s legacy across East Asia, including how the Chinese government has begun using the late sage for its own purposes.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

The Meaning of Contemporary Poetry 4pm

Michael Crummey, Andy McGuire, Mariko Nagai, Nicholas YB Wong; moderated by Simon Shieh | The Bookworm | BW20D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Four poets gather to read their works and discuss the role poetry can play in contemporary life. Hong Kong poet Nicholas YB Wong is the author of Cities of Sameness and Crevasse, which has been praised as “deft and radically inventive… blows a hole right through our expectation of what contemporary poetry is supposed to look and to sound like” (Ravi Shankar); Japanese poet Mariko Nagai is the author of Histories of Bodies, winner of the Benjamin Saltman Prize from Red Hen Press; Canadian Andy McGuire’s poems have appeared in Riddle Fence, Hazlitt, and The Walrus, and he recently released his debut collection, Country Club; and Canadian Michael Crummey’s poetry (Arguments with Gravity, Hard Light, Under the Keel, etc.) has been described as generous, genuine, rich, and warm, with some form of grace always present to redeem whatever hardships his characters endure. Moderated by local poet Simon Shieh.

The World of the End 4pm

Ofir Touché Gafla, moderated by Kerryn Leitch | iQiyi | IQ20B | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

An epilogist finds his wife dead in a bizarre accident, and fifteen months later shoots himself in the head in order to begin his new life in the Other World to seek his beloved. What happens next, he never would have guessed. The World of the End is Ofir Touché Gafla’s debut novel, first published in Hebrew in 2004, where it won the 2005 Geffen Award for best fantasy/science fiction novel of the year and the 2006 Kugel Award for Hebrew literature.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Love Enough 6pm

Dionne Brand, moderated by Amy Chung | The Bookworm | BW20E | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Canadian author Dionne Brand’s latest novel, Love Enough, is a love letter to Toronto, but also so much more. “The very title… nods in the direction of limits, of boundaries enclosing something that wants desperately to free itself of its shackles,” writes The Globe and Mail. “The city as Brand conceives it is precisely this kind of roiling mass, pushing at its edges and struggling to contain the vibrant, often violent life within it.” It’s a beautiful tale from the former Poet Laureate of Toronto.

Finding India in China 6pm

Anurag Viswanath, moderated by Daniel Ho | iQiyi | IQ20C | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

Anurag Viswanath’s debut book is a whirlwind journey across China, slicing through preconceptions and shibboleths through her diverse interactions — with Muslim housewives in Xinjiang, Mongols dressing up for tourism, academics, baijiu-loving party officials, restless migrant workers, and more. In this talk, Viswanath will provide an Indian’s perspective on China – there is little understanding or scholarship about China in India, and yet the countries are similar in their vastness and underappreciated diversity, from the “orphan colony” of Jews in Kaifeng and Cochin to internal migration and pockets of discontent. As one reviewer notes about Finding India in China, “With a scholar’s depth, a journalist’s eye for the detail and a story-teller’s wit, Anurag Viswanath takes the reader to intimate arenas of living history through Indian parallels and presents a uniquely insightful treatise on contemporary China.”

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Bookworm Comedy Night, headlined by Steve Simeone 8pm

Local comics + Steve Simeone, hosted by Paul Creasy | The Bookworm | BW20F | 150 RMB  Purchase Online

Bookworm Comedy Night is a monthly night of stand-up comedy featuring acts from the local community opening for an international headliner. This month’s headliner is Steve Simeone, whose high-energy, positive, family-friendly approach has delighted audiences around the world and made him a regular at Hollywood’s most prestigious comedy clubs. In 2014 he made his Comedy Central debut on Gabriel Iglesias’s Stand Up Revolution, was chosen by Honda to represent their Summer “Cheerance” Campaign, and saw his first album, Remember This, hit the top of the Billboard and iTunes charts.

Monday 21

Territorial Disputes and Regional Stability :: 领土争执和局部稳定性 [Future Perfect] 1pm

Moderated by Philip Wen | The Bookworm | BW21B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Contested territories, uneasy alliances, energy pacts, strategic differences… China’s relationship with its neighbors has never been more closely scrutinized, and it’s the focus of this panel discussion, featuring foreign correspondents who make a living covering Beijing’s every move. Moderated by Philip Wen, China correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

中国和邻国 – 争执的领土、不稳定的关系、能源协议、外交政策的不同。我们邀请到了诸多国际新闻媒体的记者来讨论他们对中国政府外交政策的印象和评论。主持人是Sydney Morning Herald和The Age的驻中国记者Phillip Wen。

Asylum and Exile 6pm

Bidisha, moderated by Gareth Evans | The Bookworm | BW21C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Asylum and Exile is Bidisha’s fifth book, written after several months of outreach to refugees and asylum seekers, revealing their heartbreaking stories of hope and hardship. Bidisha – a writer and BBC broadcaster specializing in human rights, international affairs, and the arts and culture – will put the “refugee crisis” into perspective, as well as overview some possible solutions. Moderated by Gareth Evans of Yew Chung International School of Beijing. 

Nineteen Seventy-Six: The End of the Cultural Revolution 7:30pm

Ragnar Baldursson, moderated Alan Babington-Smith | iQiyi | IQ21 | 50 RMB  Purchase Online  THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

Everything changed in 1976: Mao Zedong died, the Gang of Four Fell, and the Tangshan Earthquake killed hundreds of thousands. Ragnar Baldursson, now the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Iceland, was a true believer in the Chinese socialist experiment back then, making him one of a very few foreigners allowed in the country during that time. Forty years on, in a radically different China, Baldursson revisits his experiences as a student in Beijing in 1976, offering glimpses of life during this momentous year. Moderated by Alan Babington-Smith, president of the Beijing chapter of the Royal Asiatic Society.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Creating Worlds: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy 8pm

Ofir Touché Gafla, Han Song, Andrzej Sapkowski; moderated by Joe McKee | The Bookworm | BW21D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

This panel of decorated authors will discuss the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Ofir Touché Gafla’s debut novel, The World of the End, won the 2005 Geffen Award for best fantasy/science fiction novel of the year and the 2006 Kugel Award for Hebrew literature. Han Song, a six-time recipient of China’s Galaxy Award for fiction, is one of China’s most prolific and respected science fiction writers (one of his novels, 2066: Red Star Over America, predicted the attack on the World Trade Center a year before 9/11). And Andrzej Sapkowski is one of the most famous fantasy writers in the world, whose Witcher Saga led to a video game series. Moderated by Joe McKee, Dulwich College Beijing Academic Director.

This event is brought to you with the kind support of Dulwich College Beijing.

Tuesday 22

Trends in Spirituality in Modern China :: 现代中国的信仰 [Future Perfect] 1pm

Haiyun Jimeng, Joseph Loftus; moderated by Jim Sojourner | The Bookworm | BW22B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

China still has, by a wide margin, the most atheists in the world, but religion – and spirituality – has steadily risen over the past two decades. Buddhism and Confucianism have been booming, but more people are also turning to Christianity to find a foothold in the modern world. And interestingly, unlike in many countries, the rise of religious conversion in China has paralleled its urban development. What is it about the city – and life there – that nudges people toward faith? A Buddhist monk and Irish Catholic priest will discuss.

中国是世界上拥有最多无神论者的国家。但是信仰在中国过去20年一直在增长。佛教和儒教在兴旺,而基督教也在兴起。一个有趣的现象 – 一个不怎么能在其他国家找到的现象 – 就是中国关于信仰的对话和国家的城市发展完全对应。可是究竟是城市生活的哪一部分让人们投入到信仰当中呢?

The Witcher Saga 6pm

Andrzej Sapkowski, moderated by Magdalena Navarro | The Bookworm | BW22C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

The Witcher Saga, by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, is one of the most popular fantasy series of short stories and novels in the world – so much so that a series of video games, called The Witcher, has been created based off Sapkowski’s world. While the Saga is five books long in Sapkowski’s native Polish, only three of the books have been translated into English so far. The author will be presenting Blood of Elves, which will soon be available in Chinese.

Storytelling: “Far From Home” 8pm

Matt Hulse, Lieve Joris, Yves Laplace, Mariko Nagai, Kabu Okai-Davies, etc.; hosted by Amy Daml | The Bookworm | BW22D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Oral storytelling is the oldest form of telling stories, myths, urban legends, and moral lessons. Here’s an event that celebrates it, modeled after the famous storytelling sessions hosted by The Moth in New York. The theme for this night is “Far From Home,” and will feature stories from international authors and some of the best storytellers from the local community.

Wednesday 23

Spiritual Economics: A Way to Save the World 1pm

Haiyun Jimeng, moderated by Deva Eveland | The Bookworm | BW23B | 60 RMB — Purchase Online

Haiyun Jimeng quit his official post in Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs to work in the “spiritual economy.” He believes that through spirituality, human beings can save the environment – and the world. Of his many books, Our Only Choice: A New Vision for the Long-Term Survival of Humanity and the Earth has been translated into English, and describes how the teachings of Buddha can help us formulate a set of “core values,” which in turn lead to an “economics of spirituality with which to transform economic growth into growth in happiness; material development into educational and mental development; and the plundering of natural resources into spiritual development.” This event will be in Chinese with English interpretation.

From Alice in Wonderland to Present: The Evolution of Children’s Lit 6pm

Josh Lacey, Ian Whybrow, moderated by Lee Williamson | The Bookworm | BW23C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

2015 marked the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s groundbreaking Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. How has the publishing industry for children’s literature changed since then, and in what condition is it today? Two prolific and award-winning children’s authors will explore these and other questions, and talk about Alice’s legacy: Ian Whybrow has written more than 100 children’s books, which have been translated into nearly 30 languages, and Josh Lacey’s works have been nominated for awards such as the Branford Boase Award and Roald Dahl Funny Prize. Moderated by Time Out Beijing editor Lee Williamson.

Hero’s Prairie :: Plaine des héros 7:30pm

Yves Laplace, moderated by Cybele Arnaud | iQiyi | IQ23 | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

Renowned Swiss author Yves Laplace will discuss his latest novel, Hero’s Prairie, which was inspired by George Oltramare, a Swiss actor, writer, and politician who was sentenced to death in France in 1950 due to his role in the fascist movement. Laplace won the Alice Rivaz Prize in 2015 and the Swiss Literary Prize in 2016 for this book. This event will be in French with English interpretation. 

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Auteur suisse, Yves Laplace présentera son nouveau roman, intitulé Plaine de héros, qui s’inspire de George Oltramore, acteur, écrivain et politicien suisse, qui à cause de son implication dans le mouvement fasciste, fut condamné à mort en France dans les années ’50. Laplace fut pour ce livre distingué en 2015 par le  Prix Alice Rivaz et en 2016 par le Prix Littéraire Suisse.

Covering Conflict 8pm

Bidisha, Lieve Joris, Edward Platt; moderated by Megha Rajagopalan | The Bookworm | BW23D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Bidisha is a human rights journalist whose travels to the West Bank resulted in the book Beyond the Wall: Writing a Path Through Palestine, giving voice to the many who are marginalized. Lieve Joris has traveled to Iraq, Syria, and other parts of the Middle East for her books, including The Gates of Damascus. And Edward Platt’s The City of Abraham is about the city of Hebron, where Israelis and Palestinians live side-by-side. In this session moderated by Reuters reporter Megha Rajagopalan, these authors will compare notes and discuss what it takes to travel to and write about places in turmoil.

Thursday 24

The Future of the Chinese Economy :: 中国经济的未来 [Future Perfect] 1pm

Tom Orlik, Michael Schuman, Lingling Wei; moderated by Andrew Polk | The Bookworm | BW24B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

“Made In China: The Next Global Recession,” blared the headline on a Time magazine story in January. China has been an economic warhorse for the last decade, but recent events – a GDP growth slowdown, a weaker currency, growing debt, stock market crashes – have given analysts reasons for worry. Is the Chinese economy experiencing a hiccup, or are these the early days of a full-blown recession? This panel of experts – featuring Tom Orlik, Beijing-based economist for Bloomberg; Michael Schuman, award-winning journalist and author of The Miracle: The Epic Story of Asia’s Quest for Wealth; and Lingling Wei, finance journalist at the Wall Street Journal – will discuss. Moderated by Andrew Polk, Director of the China Practice at Medley Global Advisors.

“中国制造 – 下一个国际经济衰退”时代周刊的一个一月的封面上印着。中国在过去10年里是世界的经济战马,但是最近的一系列事件 – 令人失望的GDP,疲软的货币,笼罩的债务,还有股市的暴跌 – 让整个世界陷入担忧。这是一个暂时的放缓,还是一个即将到来的经济衰退的预兆?我们邀请了诸位专家,包括:Bloomberg驻北京经济学家Tom Orlik;获奖记者和The Miracle: The Epic Story of Asia’s Quest for Wealth的作者Michael Schuman;华尔街日报的财政记者Wei Lingling。

Poetry in Translation :: 翻译中的诗歌 6pm

Yves Laplace, Yi Sha, etc.; hosted by Matthew Byrne | The Bookworm | BW24C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

This event is held in conjunction with Spittoon, a monthly poetry night founded by Matthew Byrne, which contains a poetry-in-translation segment that seeks to unlock the secrets of poetry written in languages other than English. The narrative and meaning of the poetry is explored through translation, and the real music behind the poetry is highlighted through authentic readings in the original language of the poems. This event will feature readings from foreigners and locals, headlined by French-speaking Swiss author Yves Laplace and Chinese poet Yi Sha, who is regarded as one of the most influential poets in China, having been described as the Chinese Allen Ginsberg and “the greatest avant-garde in China.”

本次活动与Spittoon一起举行。由Matthew Byrne创办的诗歌之夜包含了诗歌翻译的环节,旨在解开非英语写作诗歌的秘密。通过翻译去探索诗歌中的故事和意义,原作中诗句背后的音律通过朗诵变得更加精彩。这次活动将由瑞士作家Yves Laplace和中国的诗人伊沙一起,分别用法语和中文进行诗歌朗诵。伊沙是中国最具影响力的诗人之一和”中国最伟大的先锋派“,被形容为中国的Allen Ginsberg。

Sinica Live Recording: The Cultural Revolution 8pm

Hosts Kaiser Kuo and David Moser, with guest Melinda Liu | The Bookworm | BW24D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online (Note: expect this event to start slightly late, as recording equipment needs to be set up.) THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

The Sinica Podcast is the most popular podcast in China, featuring themed discussions led by Kaiser Kuo and David Moser with guests covering all facets of society. In this special live recording for the Bookworm Literary Festival, Kuo and Moser sit with award-winning foreign correspondent and Newsweek Beijing Bureau Chief Melinda Liu to revisit the Cultural Revolution, launched 50 years ago by Mao Zedong, and inquire after its legacy.

Friday 25

The Future for Civil Society and Philanthropy in China :: 中国慈善事业和公民社会的未来 [Future Perfect] 1pm

Chloé Froissart, Li Li, moderated by Katherine Wilhelm | The Bookworm | BW25B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online 

Civil society is defined as the “third sector” of society, outside of government and business. It’s a country’s social sphere, and often can contribute as significantly to a country’s stability as its state or market. How do we define China’s civil society, whose very existence relies upon the state, and whose health is closely tied with the strength of the market? For those working in China’s civil society and philanthropy sectors, what challenges do they face, and how might they overcome them? 


In Conversation with a Literary Pioneer 6pm

Yang Li, moderated by Isolda Morillo | The Bookworm | BW25C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

“I remember, I swear: it was the summer of ’74,” writes Yang Li in the poem “Albania. “We had just turned 12 and thought what he’d said outrageously reactionary.” Reactionary wouldn’t be the best way to describe Yang Li – considered one of the most prominent members of China’s avant-garde poetry movement – but he certainly draws reactions. In the 1980s he was one of the founding members of the hugely influential “Fei Fei” poetry project, often translated as the “Not-Not” movement. His poems touch the most banal and personal everyday life events, and sometimes his sexual life takes the center of his prose and stories. With this he seems to attempt to escape moral codes and semantic conventions, finding poetical purity by going to the basics of language. Isolda Morillo, an AP reporter who has published poetry in Chinese, will direct this conversation, which will feature short readings. This event will be in Chinese with English interpretation.

The Violet Hour 7:30pm

Sergio Del Molino, moderated by David Lopez | iQiyi | IQ25 | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

The Violet Hour is a poignant account of the death of the author’s son from a rare and aggressive form of infant leukemia. But it’s also a celebration of life, in which Sergio Del Molino shows us the deepest parts of an inner life confronted with its limitations. Children who lose their parents are orphans, and those who have to close their spouse’s dead eyes are widows and widowers. But we, the parents who sign the documents authorizing our children’s funerals, we have no name, no civil status. We remain parents forever.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

Cartoons, Creativity, and Censorship 8pm

Larry Feign, moderated by Steven Schwankert | The Bookworm | BW25D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Like most political cartoonists, Larry Feign doesn’t back down from sensitive subjects. His hardheadedness has gotten him fired before – from South China Morning Post – but it’s won him ample credibility. His cartoons have appeared in Time, Newsweek, The Economist, Fortune, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Der Spiegel, and Pravda, to name a few, and he’s produced animated cartoons for Cartoon Network and Disney. He’s also published fifteen books and received a number of awards. At this wide-ranging talk, he’ll touch upon the career of a cartoonist, using satire as a form of expression and dissent, differences between Chinese and Western humor, self-censorship (both in China and abroad), the Chinese language, Chinglish, and his book AIEEYAAA!: A Hilarious Look At the Joys and Pitfalls of Life in Hong Kong. Moderated by True Run Media executive editor Steven Schwankert.

Saturday 26

The Arts Alive: Identity and New Media in Contemporary Chinese Art :: 现代中国艺术中的新媒体 [Future Perfect] 10am

Ju Anqi, Tian Xiaolei; moderated by Ellen Larson | The Bookworm | BW26A | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Ellen Larson, editor of, will lead a discussion with emerging Beijing-based artists. Together they will discuss current happenings within Beijing’s vibrant, diverse, and rapidly evolving contemporary art world, introducing viewers to innovative and exciting new trends. Members of the panel will discuss the intersection between their work and contemporary Chinese society, taking inspiration from everyday life experiences, memory, tradition, and the increasingly significant role of technology. Ju Anqi is a filmmaker whose There’s a Strong Wind in Beijing was nominated at the Berlin Film Festival as a milestone in experimental Chinese film, while Tian Xiaolei is a digital artist whose video shorts and animations have received accolades from the Odense International Film Festival and Berlin Interfilm International Short Film Festival. This event will be in Chinese with English interpretation.

Opengroundblog.com的主编Ellen Larson会带领这个和背景艺术家的讨论。他们会讨论北京不断变化的艺术世界的历史和动态。每一位艺术家会讨论他们的工作和中国现代社会的交集:他们如何从生活经历、回忆、传统和(越来越多的)技术中寻找灵感进行创作。Ju Anqi是以为制片人,他的There’s a Strong Wind in Beijing获得了柏林电影节的提名,称之为“中国试验片的一个里程碑”。Tan Xiaolei是一位数码艺术家,他的短片和动画获得了欧登塞国际电影节和柏林国际短片影展的赞扬。这是一个带英文翻译的中文讨论。

Chinese Rules: Mao’s Dog, Deng’s Cat, and Five Timeless Lessons from the Front Lines in China noon

Tim Clissold, moderated by Kevin O’Donnell | The Bookworm | BW26B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Why does Western understanding of China lag so far behind reality? That’s the question author Tim Clissold tackles in Chinese Rules, a part-history, part-memoir adventure story that can provide valuable lessons to any foreigner seeking to live or do business in China. Clissold has lived and worked in China for more than twenty years, cofounding a private equity company that has invested more than US$400 million in the country. He is the author of the memoir Mr. China, which has been translated into twelve languages and was an Economist magazine Book of the Year.

“The Story of My Teeth” and Other Stories from Mexico’s Rising Literary Star 2pm

Valeria Luiselli, moderated by Christopher Beam | The Bookworm | BW26C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Plato, Montaigne, Borges, Virginia Woolf, Marilyn Monroe, and others are name-dropped in the first part of Valeria Luiselli’s incredible “novel” The Story of My Teeth. Near the end, a series of photos appear, each with a quotation from the likes of H.G. Wells, Rubén Darío, Voltaire. Luiselli’s translator then presents a map of time, before finally ending with an afterword in the fashion of Roussel. “Valeria Luiselli is as much a cartographer as a writer, interested in finding areas still unmapped,” says The New York Times. In 2014 Luiselli won the National Book Foundation’s 5 Under 35 award, and her work has appeared in publications such as The New Yorker, Granta, and McSweeney’s.

The Mercenary Mandarin: A Biography of William Mesny 2pm

David Leffman, moderated by Oscar Holland | iQiyi | IQ26A | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

William Mesny (1842–1919) was born in Jersey, ran off to sea as a deckhand at the age of 12, and finally wound up in Shanghai in 1860 at a time when China was being dismembered by foreign powers and civil war. Amid the chaos Mesny became variously a prisoner of the Taiping rebels, a smuggler, a customs official, and an arms dealer. He eventually enlisted as an instructor in the Chinese military where, after five years of fierce campaigning in remote Guizhou province, he rose to the rank of general. David Leffman’s biography of this extraordinary character is the subject of this talk. The author will also discuss the process of writing historical biographies. Moderated by That’s Beijing editor-in-chief Oscar Holland.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

The Hazards and Thrills of Literary Translation 4pm

Zhiling Gao, Han Yujoo, Yi Sha; moderated by Kelly Falconer | The Bookworm | BW26D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Translating a text requires deconstructing it at every level. Vladimir Nabokov, in his essay “The Art of Translation,” outlines the various pitfalls that threaten every translator, and deduces three requirements that good translators must fulfill. The third of those: “…while having genius and knowledge he must possess the gift of mimicry and be able to act, as it were, the real author’s part by impersonating his tricks of demeanor and speech, his ways and his mind, with the utmost degree of verisimilitude.” It’s a difficult and humbling task, one that our panel of literary translators knows well. How do they do it, and why?

Year of the Goose 4pm

Carly Hallman, moderated by Ami Li | iQiyi | IQ26B | 50 RMB  Purchase Online

As China’s economy booms, so does its corporations, but none are as successful as the Bashful Goose Snack Company. Founded by Papa Hui, the company is a national treasure, as is his beloved pet goose who steadfastly remains at his side. Papa Hui’s daughter, Kelly, is desperate to prove herself, and jealous of that wretched goose. She heads up the corporate responsibility department where she builds a fat camp for children. It’s a good plan – until the children begin dying in a series of gruesome accidents. Carly Hallman’s debut book, Year of the Goose, is a rollicking, comic, caustic novel, with scenarios that both parody and mirror real life. “It is hard for fiction to match the craziness, energy, contradiction, and exciting implausibility of modern China,” writes James Fallows. “Year of the Goose does that and more.” Moderated by City Weekend Beijing editor-in-chief Ami Li.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

El Impostor 4pm

Javier Cercas, Chen Zhongyi; moderated by Guillermo Bravo | Cervantes Institute | CS26 | Free Reservation required by emailing (please include phone number)

Javier Cercas, one of the most important writers in Spain today, sits with Chen Zhongyi, a Cervantes expert and Spanish translator, for a cross-cultural dialogue moderated by Argentinian writer, editor, and journalist Guillermo Bravo. Cercas is in China to present his latest novel, El Impostor (Chinese translation available), which centers around the exploits of Enric Marco, who in real life lied about serving time in a German concentration camp. The panelists will compare Marco with Don Quixote, as both characters take up new identities to escape their reality. This event is supported by the Embassy of Spain in Beijing, the Cervantes Institute, and People’s Literature Publishing House. It will be in Spanish with simultaneous Chinese interpretation.

The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story 6pm

Hyeonseo Lee, moderated by Calum MacLeod | The Bookworm | BW26E | 80 RMB  Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

UPDATE: Hyeonseo Lee will be presenting this same talk with Calum McLeod on Sunday, March 27 at 6 pm

When I was seven years old, I saw my first public execution. But I thought my life in North Korea was normal. One day, in 1995, my mom brought home a letter from a coworker’s sister. It read, “When you read this, our five family members will not exist in this world because we haven’t eaten for the past three weeks. We are lying on the floor together, and our bodies are so weak, we are waiting to die.” Don’t miss this extraordinary talk by Hyeonseo Lee, a North Korean defector whose memoir, The Girl With Seven Names, has been published in more than 20 countries, and whose TED Talk has been viewed more than 5 million times. She will explain the circumstances that led her to defect, and the harrowing story of how she returned to China to get her parents out.

Whisky and Writers 8pm

Alec Ash, Larry Feign, Han Yujoo, Matt Hulse, Valeria Luiselli; hosted by Anthony Tao | The Bookworm | BW26F | 60 RMB non-drinking ticket  Purchase Online; 160 RMB drinking ticket  Purchase Online (drinking tickets are sold out; only non-drinking tickets are available)

Do you like whisky? How about stories? Put them together and you get the booziest night of the festival, a whisky-and-writing pairing you didn’t think possible. The way it works: five writers will each tell a story, accompanied by a glass of whisky poured for everyone with a drinking ticket. Five whiskies in total, paired with five stories. A very limited number of drinking tickets are available.

Sunday 27

Chinese Filmmaking: From the Indies to Hollywood :: 中国电影:从独立到好莱坞 [Future Perfect] 10am

Julie Makinen, Pema Tseden, Jenny Man Wu, Raymond Zhou, Bai Budan; moderated by Clifford Coonan | The Bookworm | BW27A | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

While China’s major film studios continue looking to Hollywood for inspiration – and continue to fast-track projects to capture the attention of foreign audiences – a quiet revolution is happening back home, as a record number of independent films and documentaries are being made every year, screened at small festivals, impromptu theaters, and art houses. What’s the current status of China’s vast filmmaking industry? How does it compare, both internationally and to its own ambitions? And what are the biggest issues confronting Chinese filmmakers and producers today? This panel includes Pema Tseden, an award-winning Tibetan filmmaker (The Search, Tharlo, etc.); Raymond Zhou, a film critic who’s been called “Beijing’s answer to Roger Ebert”; Julie Makinen, former film editor at the Los Angeles Times; and Jenny Man Wu, a filmmaker, film festival organizer, and project manager at a China-Europe coproduction association; moderated by former Hollywood Reporter contributor Clifford Coonan. (UPDATE: Raymond can no longer attend.) (UPDATE 2: Pema Tseden can no longer attend; he will be replaced by filmmaker Bai Budan.)

当中国的主流制片厂全部都模仿好莱坞的时候,一场革命正在地下进行。独立影片和纪录片的数量每年都在破纪录,而越来越多的中国独立影片在电影节、小剧场和艺术馆播放。中国电影产业现在的状态究竟怎样呢?而中国的电影产业与其他国家的电影产业有什么不同而有什么相似之处呢?制片人现在面临的最大的挑战又是什么呢?我们邀请到了:获奖西藏制片人Pema Tseden(The Search, Tharlo 等);被称为“北京对Roger Ebert的回应”的Raymond Zhou;前洛杉矶时报的电影编辑Julie Makinen;还有制片人、电影节策划和中国欧洲的联合制片公司的项目经理Jenny Man Wu。主持人是前Hollywood Reporter作者Clifford Coonan。

China LGBT Panel: The Tumultuous Year That Was :: 同志故事——温故2015 [Future Perfect] noon

Kate, Lotus 莲, Wei Tingting (韦婷婷), Ying Xin (Xiao Tie) 小铁; moderated by Fan Popo 范坡坡主持人 | The Bookworm 老书虫 | BW27B | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Looking back, 2015 was a rollercoaster ride for China’s LGBT movement. On one hand, members of the community won lawsuits against psychological clinics, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), the Department of Education, and the Department of Civil Affairs; and Taobao joined with LGBT organizations to fund the marriages of seven couples in California. On the other, NGOs were subjected to tougher crackdowns, and the arrest of five female activists caused a chilling effect across the LGBT community. At this event, several important members from the LGBT movement will share their reflections and visions of both past and future. (Of note: 2016 is an important anniversary as it marks 15 years since the Chinese Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental illness.) This event will be in Chinese with English interpretation. 


Writing Life: The Art of Memoir 2pm

Hyeonseo Lee, Sergio del Molino; moderated by Zhiling Gao | The Bookworm | BW27C | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Sergio del Molino and Hyeonseo Lee have both crafted spellbinding, powerful memoirs. Del Molino lost his young son to a rare and aggressive form of leukemia, and his memoir, The Violet Hour, is a moving account that muses on life and death. Lee’s story is also one of life and death – her book, The Girl with Seven Names, is the story of her defection from North Korea, her decade spent in China, and the subsequent escape of her parents. This session will be moderated by Zhiling Gao, currently working on a social memoir set in her birthplace of Inner Mongolia.

China’s Future Perfect :: 中国将来完成时 [Future Perfect] 4pm

Hu Xingdou, Melinda Liu, David Moser, Joerg Wuttke, moderated by Alan Babington-Smith | The Bookworm | BW27D | 60 RMB  Purchase Online THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

What kind of future is China building, and what role can we all play? Now is the time for big and bold ideas. This Future Perfect discussion will summarize all the themes previously explored in the 13-event China Future Perfect series, then try to answer the hardest question of them all: how does this country create the cleanest, most stable, innovative, and sustainable future for itself? A historian, a journalist, an academic, and a financial expert will speculate. Brought to you in cooperation with the Royal Asiatic Society, Beijing.

中国在建造怎样的未来?而我们都能如何参与其中呢?我们会利用这次讨论交流最大胆的想法。这次将总结之前中国将来完成时系列中所有的讨论并且尝试回答这个核心问题:这个国家如何为自己创造最干净、稳定、创新、稳定的未来?一位历史学家、一位记者、一位研究者和一位经济学家将参加讨论。感谢Roya Asiatic Society Beijing。

The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story [ENCORE] 6pm

Hyeonseo Lee, moderated by Calum MacLeod | The Bookworm | BW27G | 80 RMB  Purchase Online

NOTE: This is a special encore session of Hyeonseo Lee’s solo talk on the previous day.

When I was seven years old, I saw my first public execution. But I thought my life in North Korea was normal. One day, in 1995, my mom brought home a letter from a coworker’s sister. It read, “When you read this, our five family members will not exist in this world because we haven’t eaten for the past three weeks. We are lying on the floor together, and our bodies are so weak, we are waiting to die.” Don’t miss this extraordinary talk by Hyeonseo Lee, a North Korean defector whose memoir, The Girl With Seven Names, has been published in more than 20 countries, and whose TED Talk has been viewed more than 5 million times. She will explain the circumstances that led her to defect, and the harrowing story of how she returned to China to get her parents out.

Ibero-American Literature 6pm

Javier Cercas, Sergio Del Molino, Valeria Luiselli; moderated by Guillermo Bravo | The Bookworm iQiyi | BW27E | 60 50 RMB  Purchase Online UPDATE: This event will now be in iQiyi

Javier Cercas is a writer and professor of Spanish literature at the University of Girona. He is the author of several books, using “historical memory” to focus on the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship. Sergio del Molino is the author of the memoir The Violet Hour, a poignant account of the death of his son from a rare and aggressive form of infant leukemia. And Valeria Luiselli is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in publications including the New York Times, the New Yorker, Granta, and McSweeney’s. These three leading writers will discuss their own work and writing life, and the wider world of Ibero-American literature in the current day. This event will be in English. 

Literary Quiz Show 8pm

Kaiser Kuo and Anthony Tao host | The Bookworm | BW27F | FreeReserve Online

Three teams comprising authors and journalists compete in this game-show-style contest to determine the most literary of them all. Watch as contestants puzzle over questions ranging from Shakespeare to Snape, Tom Sawyer to Jonathan Seagull. Special audience questions will be scattered throughout the evening, with prizes! If nothing else, come help us celebrate the conclusion of the 10th Bookworm Literary Festival – and, of course, stay for the afterparty.


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Children’s Events

To schedule a field trip for your class to attend one of our Children’s Events, please email

Parents can accompany their children for free.

Sunday 13

[Ages 7-12] This Writer’s Life 10:30am

Jane Godwin | The Bookworm | BW13A | 60 RMB  Purchase Online

Jane Godwin talks about her life as a writer for children and young people. She explores inspiration and generating ideas; the writing process itself with its many challenges, mysteries, and rewards; collaborating with illustrators; and being published. Godwin is the Publisher for Young Readers at Penguin Books Australia, a highly acclaimed author of many books for children, including bestselling picture books Little Cat and the Big Red Bus, All Through the Year, Today We Have No Plans, Starting School, and, most recently, Bear Make Den and Hattie Helps Out.

Monday 14

[Ages 9-12] Reading Lewis Carroll is Prohibited 10:30am

Diego Arboleda | The Bookworm | BW14A | 60 RMBPurchase Online

Diego Arboleda is a Spanish author who won multiple awards for his 2014 book Prohibido leer a Lewis CarrollReading Lewis Carroll is Prohibited. This children’s event will be a tribute to Lewis Carroll and his timeless masterpiece, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which celebrated its 150th birthday just last year.

Tuesday 15

[Ages 9-14] Maori Legends of New Zealand 10:30am

David Hill | The Bookworm | BW15A | 60 RMBPurchase Online

Writer David Hill will tell the Maori legend of how the hero Maui fished part of New Zealand up from the sea – which explains the country’s present shape – and read some of his stories. Combining mythology and geography, this session will introduce listeners to a part of the world full of magic and wonder. Over his long career, Hill has received multiple awards for his children’s and young adult writing, for books such as See Ya, SimonComing Back, and My Brother’s War. Hill has been writing full time since 1983, and his books have been translated into French, German, Danish, Dutch, Chinese, Slovenian, Japanese, and Korean.

Monday 21

[Ages 8+] Around the World in 70 Minutes 10:30am

Frané Lessac | The Bookworm | BW21A | 60 RMBPurchase Online

Go on a book safari and travel to the islands of the Caribbean, the deserts of the Sahara, and the jungles of the Amazon with author and illustrator Frané Lessac, who will give you ideas to help develop, plan, and design your own book inspired by the wonders of the world. Children will commence working on their own individual books. Lessac has published more than 40 children’s books throughout the world, many of them inspired by her love of travel. In 2010 she was presented the Muriel Barwell Award for Distinguished Service to Children’s Literature.

Tuesday 22

[Ages 6-12] Writing Workshop: Strange Objects 10:30am

Mark Greenwood | The Bookworm | BW22A | 60 RMBPurchase Online

Become excited and intrigued by objects and curiosities. Make your own strange-objects book. Discover how they connect us with history and how strange objects can inspire creative writing. The famed children’s writer Mark Greenwood, who has twice received the West Australian Premier’s Award and the West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award, will lead this workshop, which also includes an illustration component. Greenwood’s books have been published internationally, examining myths and legends and promoting multiculturalism.

Thursday 24

[Ages 6-10] Dinosaurs, Meerkats, and Other Talking Animals 10:30am

Ian Whybrow | The Bookworm | BW24A | 60 RMBPurchase Online

Ian Whybrow, one of the UK’s favorite children’s authors, talks about how animals have influenced a great many of the 100-plus books he has written, including Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs – which was adapted into a 104-episode animated series – and Meerkat Madness, the first in his Awesome Animals series. Whybrow’s books have been translated into nearly 30 languages and have won awards in multiple countries, and one of them, Little Wolf’s Book of Badness, was adapted into an award-winning movie and a play.


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