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Friday 13

Celebrating Writers and Readers :: 作者与读者的庆典 8 pm

Chan Koonchung, Linda Jaivin, Sheng Keyi, Xu Xi; moderated by Lijia Zhang | The Bookworm, Fri March 13, 20:00 | BW13D 100 RMB

To kick off the 9th annual Bookworm Literary Festival, writers from across the continent will convene to celebrate literature and talk about their work – tales of ethnic discord, travel guides for history nerds, allegories and “third cultures” – and relate them to the audience at large. Who do writers write for, after all? Oneself, or readers? Come for the talk, stay to mingle. It’s festival time! This event is in English and Chinese.


Saturday 14

Xi Jinping: The Road Ahead 10 am

Jonathan Fenby; moderated by James Palmer | The Bookworm, Sat March 14, 10:00 | BW14A 80 RMB

Xi Jinping’s first two years as president of China have seen controversial initiatives and far-reaching reforms, from a reiteration of the “China Dream” to well-publicized anti-corruption campaigns to root out “tigers and flies.” Where did he come from, and where is he going? Few are in a better position to answer than Jonathan Fenby, author of the quintessential History of Modern China, who will analyze Xi’s growing power and how he is using it. Moderated by James Palmer, author of The Death of Mao: The Tangshan Earthquake and the Birth of the New China.

Surviving the Past: Why We Need to Document Evil, Poverty and Suffering in the World :: 苦难重生:我们为什么要记录世间的邪恶,贫穷和苦难 noon

Wojciech Tochman | The Bookworm, Sat March 14, 12:00 | BW14B 80 RMB

Award-winning Polish nonfiction writer and reporter Wojciech Tochman discusses societies coming to terms with the aftermath of conflict and poverty, focusing on his reportage from Bosnia, Rwanda, the Philippines, and the Syrian border. This event is brought to you in cooperation with the Cultural Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. (English and Chinese)

波兰获奖纪实作家和记者Wojciech Tochman将就他在波斯尼亚,卢旺达,菲律宾和叙利亚边境的新闻报道,探讨被迫承受战争和贫穷带来的社会性后果。本次活动由波兰共和国领事馆文化部和老书虫共同推出。(中英文活动)

China Environment Panel :: 中国环境论坛 2 pm

Husayn Anwar, Ma JunGilbert Van Kerckhove, Xizhou Zhou; moderated by Jonathan Fenby | The Bookworm, Sat March 14, 14:00 | BW14C 100 RMB

How does one reach beyond cliche to unearth the root causes of China’s environmental problems? Start by assembling a panel that rivals those you’d find at international summits: Ma Jun, possibly China’s preeminent environmentalist, selected by Time magazine as one of its 100 most influential people in 2006; Dr. Husayn Anwar, with more than three decades of experience, who founded the first private environmental services firm in China in 1992; Gilbert Van Kerckhove, author of the thought-provoking book Toxic Capitalism; and Xizhou Zhou, honored by Forbes in 2011 as one of the “30 Under 30” young leaders in energy. Moderated by Jonathan Fenby, who sits on the Board of Trustees of the environment-focused This event is in English and Chinese.

我们应该怎样越过陈词滥调,找到中国环境问题的根源?首先,我们可以组建一个世界峰会水准的论坛:堪称中国最杰出的环保主义者,并被《时代周刊》评选为2006年最有影响力的100人物之一的马军;有着三十多年工作经验,于1992年创立了中国第一家私人环保服务机构的Husayn Anwar博士;发人深省的著作《Toxic Capitalism》的作者Gilbert Van Kerckhove,以及被福布斯列为2011年最杰出的30位30岁以下能源界领头人的周希舟。本活动由侧重环境问题的中外对话网董事会成员Jonathan Fenby(乔纳森•芬比)主持。(中英文活动)

The Queen of Statue Square: New Short Fiction from Hong Kong 4 pm

Xu Xi | The Bookworm, Sat March 14, 16:00 | BW14D 80 RMB

The past year has been one of the most eventful and turbulent in Hong Kong history since the handover. In this event, Xu Xi presents short stories from a new anthology of contemporary Hong Kong fiction, which she edited with Marshall Moore. The stories relate to the ever-relevant issue of Hong Kong identity, written by Hong Kong residents from several walks of life, and cuts to the heart of what it means to be a Hong Konger at a time when such definitions are fluid at best.

The Need for Literature 6 pm

Tahar Ben Jelloun; moderated by Badr Benjelloun | The Bookworm, Sat March 14, 18:00 | BW14E 100 RMB

Tahar Ben Jelloun was born in 1944 in Fes, Morocco and now lives and works in Paris. His second novel La nuit sacrée (The Sacred Night), published in 1987, won the Prix Goncourt. He is one of the most translated French writers in the world. His works have won wide acclaim for tackling themes such as racism and religious repression, and issues such as the Arab Spring. “We need the novel,” Ben Jalloun said at the 2011 International Literature Festival in Berlin, “not only to explain the world to us, but also to accompany our historical times.”

The Works of Rawi Hage 8 pm

Rawi Hage | The Bookworm, Sat March 14, 20:00 | BW14F 80 RMB

Rawi Hage is a Canadian writer and photographer who was born in Lebanon and grew up during the civil war. He was a cab driver in Montreal before publishing his award-winning debut novel De Niro’s Game, set in his war-torn hometown of Beirut. His novel Cockroach focuses on the complicated life of a Middle Eastern immigrant in a Montreal suburb. Hage, who now works as a full-time writer and visual artist, has seen his work translated into 20 languages. Carnival is his latest novel.

Sunday 15

Writing Between the Sheets :: 床笫间的文学  noon

Faramerz Dabhoiwala, Jemimah Steinfeld, Lijia Zhang; moderated by David Moser | The Bookworm, Sun March 15, 12:00 | BW15B 80 RMB

Sexual openness is still perceived by many in China as a toxic Western influence, or a flaw in moral character. Yet, increasingly, people are risking disapproval to embrace sexual liberty in its many forms. Why, and how? Join us for a discussion featuring Faramerz Dabhoiwala, author of The Origins of Sex; Lijia Zhang, whose novel Lotus focuses on prostitution in modern China; and Jemimah Steinfeld, whose book Little Emperors and Material Girls examines China’s sex and youth culture. Moderated by sinologist David Moser. This event is in English and Chinese.

性开放如今仍被许多中国人看作是来自西方的不良影响,甚至是道德的败坏。但与此同时,越来越多的人也在以不同的方式接受性解放,尽管这可能招来他人的反对。这是为什么,又是怎样发生的呢?请加入我们的讨论,听听三位知名作家的见解:《性的起源》的作者Faramerz Dabhoiwala;聚焦现代中国性行业的小说《Lotus》的作者张丽佳;以及关于中国的性和青年文化的《Little Emperors and Material Girls》的作者Jemimah Steinfeld。(中英文活动)

Poetry Beijing 2 pm

Anthony Tao and Liz Richards host, ft. Maxine Beneba Clarke, Zohab Zee Khan, Elijah Grantham, Kassandra Lee, Vanessa Meng, Edward Ragg, Anna Yates | The Bookworm, Sun March 15, 14:00 | BW15C 60 RMB

Poets from the Beijing community join award-winning performers Maxine Beneba Clarke and Zohab Zee Khan to present their works on life, love, and China.

Rainbows in the Night: Chinese Contemporary Queer Writing and Filmmaking :: 黑夜里的彩虹: 当代中国酷儿文学和电影 4 pm

Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen, Popo Fan, Shou Juan; moderated by James Yang | The Bookworm, Sun March 15, 16:00 | BW15D 80 RMB

China has a long history of queer literature and culture, from Long Yangjun to Jia Baoyu, the opera The Fragrant Companion to the movie Beijing Story. Recently, many works with strong LGBT themes have emerged, but few have entered the mainstream due to China’s publishing standards. How do authors and filmmakers in this genre push back against institutional challenges? What is their creation process, and how do they obtain feedback for their – as panelist Popo Fan puts it – “rainbows in the night”? Join our distinguished panel of writers and filmmakers for an eye-opening discussion on these and other issues. This event is in English and Chinese.

从龙阳君到贾宝玉,从戏曲《怜香伴》到电影《Beijing Story》,中国的酷儿文学和文化已有很长的历史。最近国内涌现出了许多与LGBT主题紧密相关的作品,但它们在出版准则的限制下尚未能走进主流社会。这个题材的作家和电影人是怎样克服制度上的约束的?他们的创作过程是怎样的,而这些被范坡坡称作“黑夜里的彩虹”的作品又如何获得反馈和评价呢?请加入这场让人大开眼界的讲坛,和几位优秀作家和电影人一起探讨这些问题。(中英文活动)

On Such a Full Sea 6 pm

Chang-rae Lee; moderated by Edward Wong | The Bookworm, Sun March 15, 18:00 | BW15E 100 RMB

Stemming from research on factory towns outside Shenzhen, Chang-rae Lee’s fifth novel, On Such a Full Sea, eventually evolved into the dystopian tale of 16-year-old Fan set in a not-too-distant future Baltimore, USA. In this novel, Lee, a Pulitzer-nominated Princeton creative writing professor, expands on the themes of his previous works, including social stratification, technology, and collective identity. Moderated by New York Times Beijing Bureau Chief Edward Wong.

Evident: Spoken-Word Poetry Performance 8 pm

Zohab Zee Khan | The Bookworm, Sun March 15, 20:00 | BW15F 80 RMB

In a rousing set, Zohab Zee Khan combines poetry with hip-hop to enthrall and entertain, giving listeners a new outlook on the possibilities of the spoken word. Khan is the 2014 Australian Poetry Slam champion and 2014 International Poetry Slam finalist. He is also a proficient didgeridoo player, harmonica beat-boxer, and percussionist.

Dogs at the Perimeter 8 pm

Madeleine Thien; moderated by Kerryn Leitch | iQiyi, Sun March 15, 20:00 | IQ15A 60 RMB

Award-winning Canadian novelist Madeleine Thien has written a powerful and starkly beautiful novel about Cambodia, Dogs at the Perimeter, which was a finalist of the 2014 International Literature Prize awarded in Berlin. Investigating the long-term damage of conflict and grief on life and on the mind, she weaves these ideas into luminous prose. She talks about her deeply moving new novel. This event is at iQiyi.

Storytelling Session with Tim Cope 9:30 pm

Tim Cope | The Bookworm, Sun March 15, 21:30 | BW15G FREE

Modern-day adventurer Tim Cope has followed in the hoofsteps of Genghis Khan and cycled across most of Asia, but tonight he’ll be pulling up a chair, grabbing a drink, and sharing stories from his journeys. Weaving words and images from his book – and film – On the Trail of Genghis Khan, here’s one for those fond of a good yarn, a cozy atmosphere, and maybe a drink or two of their own!

Monday 16

Identity and Place 6 pm

Rawi Hage, Chang-rae Lee, Madeleine Thien, Kim Thúy; moderated by Edward Gargan | The Bookworm, Mon March 16, 18:00 | BW16C 100 RMB

Identity is a familiar subject for many of this festival’s writers. Be it the intertwined identities that constitute modern multicultural societies, the isolation and displacement experienced by the first-generation immigrant, or the feeling of being caught between worlds, these are issues only increasing in relevance as our world constricts. A star-studded literary panel will discuss how their understanding of identity shapes themselves, their worldview, and their works. Moderated by Edward Gargan, former New York Times bureau chief in West Africa, India, Hong Kong, and ChinaThis event is brought to you with the kind support of Laurie and Kevin O’Donnell.

Translation Slam 8 pm

The Bookworm, Mon March 16, 20:00 | BW16D 80 RMB

Back by popular demand, JUE | Music + Art and The Bookworm Literary Festival team up again to present to anglo and sinophile nerds alike a night of live music and serious semantics. This year the mesmerizing and mournful folk singer Song Yuzhe will grace The Bookworm stage, leaving two translators to compare, contrast, and clash over the nuances of his poetic songs. Brought to you in collaboration with JUE Festival.

The Unbearable Dreamworld of Champa the Driver 8 pm

Chan Koonchung; moderated by Lee Williamson | iQiyi, Mon March 16, 20:00 | IQ16A 60 RMB

Chan Koonchung, whose first novel, The Fat Years, was a dystopian sci-fi thriller about a society enslaved by consumerism, has returned with another work to test the boundaries. The Unbearable Dreamworld of Champa the Driver follows the life of a young man from Lhasa who takes a driving job for a Han businesswoman. Cosmopolitan, car-loving, and Mandarin-speaking, he embarks on an affair with his older, status-conscious employer. When he leaves for Beijing, the relationship unravels along with his boyish dreams, which crack under the weight of endemic racism. This event is at iQiyi

Tuesday 17

Research, Inquiry, and the Writer’s Work 1 pm

Faramerz Dabhoiwala, Stephen Mooser, Steven Schwankert, Simon Denyer; moderated by James Palmer | The Bookworm, Tues March 17, 13:00 | BW17B 80 RMB

Contrary to what some might think (or hope), a writer’s story rarely emerges from the mind fully formed. Indeed, it’s often pieced together through research, requiring patience, resourcefulness, and painstaking attention to detail. In this talk, four writers known for pursuing very different subject matters discuss their working process.

The Origins of Sex :: 性的起源 6 pm

Faramerz Dabhoiwala; moderated by Jack Smith | The Bookworm, Tues March 17, 18:00 | BW17C 80 RMB

Faramerz Dabhoiwala has been described as the Stephen Hawking of sex, and his book, The Origins of Sex: A History of the First Sexual Revolution, has been acclaimed around the world as one of the best nonfiction debuts of recent years. In this witty, richly illustrated talk, he explains the origins of modern sexual culture in the west – the growth of sexual freedom; how the first sexual revolution affected men and women, homosexuals and heterosexuals; the birth of sexual celebrity; and how we came to live in a world where sex is supposedly private, yet ever more publicized. Moderated by Jack Smith, LGBT editor at Time Out Beijing. This event is in English and Chinese.

Faramerz Dabhoiwala被誉为性学界的史蒂芬.霍金,而他的著作《性的起源:第一次性革命史》则被称赞为近年来全世界最好的非小说类处女作之一。在这次风趣而例证丰富的讲坛中,他将为大家介绍西方现代性文化的起源——包括性自由的发展,第一次性革命对男人和女人的影响,同性恋与异性恋,性名人的诞生,以及我们是如何生活在性,这个原本私密却不断被公开化的世界中的。

Child of War 7 pm

Kim Thúy; moderated by Nathan VanderKlippe | iQiyi, Tues March 17, 19:00 | IQ17A 60 RMB

Born in 1968 into war-torn Vietnam, Thúy was one of the boat people who fled the country when she was 10 years old. A former seamstress, restaurant owner, interpreter, and lawyer, she now resides in Montreal as a full-time writer. In the prologue of her first novel, Ru, Thúy wrote: “In French, ru means a small stream and figuratively, a flow, a discharge – of tears, of blood, of money. In Vietnamese, ru means a lullaby, to lull.” Find out what she feels it means to her in this talk about displacement and identity. This event is at iQiyi.

Nothing Here Needs Fixing: Poetry Performance 8 pm

Maxine Beneba Clark | The Bookworm, Tues March 17, 20:00 | BW17D 60 RMB

Maxine Beneba Clarke is a widely published Australian writer of Afro-Caribbean descent and the author of the poetry collections Gil Scott Heron is on Parole and Nothing Here Needs Fixing. As a spoken word performer, Clarke’s work has been delivered on stages and airways, and in festivals across the region.

Wednesday 18

War for Truth 1 pm

Yasmina Khadra; moderated by Edward Gargan | The Bookworm, Wed March 18, 13:00 | BW18B 100 RMB

“In the end, the novel is a tool, an instrument, which makes truth accessible,” Yasmina Khadra said in a 2006 interview with The Independent. “Only fiction tells the truth.” Khadra, who spent 36 years as an officer in the Algerian army, is an unsparing writer for whom truth is a weapon. His novels include What the Day Owes the Night, Cousin K, The Attack — now a major motion picture — and The Swallows of Kabul, which has been adapted for the stage and performed in China. Come listen to this world-renowned author talk about Islam and the West, Muslims in France, and the roles of literature. Moderated by Edward Gargan, former New York Times bureau chief in West Africa, India, Hong Kong, and China.

The Writer’s Life :: 作家生活 6 pm

Will Buckingham, Zhi An; moderated by Leslie-Ann Murray | The Bookworm, Wed March 18, 18:00 | BW18C 80 RMB

Oft romanticized but just as often misunderstood, what actually constitutes life for a writer? Chinese author Zhi An and British author Will Buckingham discuss the realities of this no-collar job. Zhi is the author of a biography about Zhou Zuo Ren, brother of Lu Xun, China’s greatest modern writer, while Buckingham writes novels and philosophy, and is the author of a guide for aspiring novelists called Write a Novel Course. This event is in English and Chinese.

时常被浪漫化,时常被误解——作家们的真实生活究竟是怎样的呢?中国作家止庵和英国作家Will Buckingham为你讲述他们在“无领阶层”工作的实况。止庵是周作人传记的作者,而Buckingham则是一位专注于哲学和小说的作家,同时著有一本给立志成为小说家的人们写的指南《Write a Novel Course》。(中英文活动)

My Beautiful Shadow 8 pm

Radhika Jha; moderated by Sandra Greenwell | The Bookworm, Wed March 18, 20:00 | BW18D 60 RMB

Radhika Jha is the author of five books, her latest being the novel My Beautiful Shadow, focusing on one woman’s journey in Japan through the fires of out-of-control consumerism and image obsession. Her second novel, Lanterns on the Horn, focuses on her home country of India, and is described by The Independent as a “wonderfully warm and properly grounded novel… a great place to become familiar with [the country].”

Sixty-Four Chance Pieces Book Launch 8 pm

Will Buckingham; moderated by Kerryn Leitch | iQiyi, Wed March 18, 20:00 | IQ18A 60 RMB

Will Buckingham is a novelist, lecturer, and philosopher. His latest book, Sixty-Four Chance Pieces, published by Earnshaw Books, is a novel of sorts that puts the I Ching, or Chinese Book of Changes, to work as a literature machine to generate new stories and new possibilities. The book comprises 64 short stories, each one drawing on a chapter of the Chinese text, and combines storytelling, travel writing, and often-wayward philosophical reflections. This event is at iQiyi.

Thursday 19

Communism in the UK :: 英国的“东方红” 1 pm

Paul Anderson; moderated by Steve George | The Bookworm, Thurs March 19, 13:00 | BW19B 60 RMB

Journalist Paul Anderson, author of the book Moscow Gold? The Soviet Union and the British Left, traces the history of Communism in the UK through its relationship with and perspective on the Soviet Union. In this talk, Anderson explores both the British Communists for whom Moscow could do no wrong as well as those British Communists who distanced themselves from or actively rejected the Soviet style. This event is in English and Chinese.

记者Paul Anderson著有《Moscow Gold? The Soviet Union and the British Left》——一本通过讲述与前苏联的关系追溯英国共产主义历史的书。在今天的讲座上,Anderson将与大家探讨英国共产主义者中,与苏联为友和渐渐与苏联疏远甚至反对苏联作风的两派。(中英文活动)

Meet the Authors: Presenting… 6 pm

Dennis Bock, Anna Chen, Bradford Philen; moderated by Steven Schwankert | The Bookworm, Thurs March 19, 18:00 | BW19C 80 RMB

Readings and conversation with novelist and travel writer Dennis Bock, who was hailed by The Globe and Mail as “Canada’s next great novelist” (Going Home Again); outspoken writer, poet, and BBC4 presenter Anna Chen (Reaching for my Gnu); and well-traveled Beijing-based author Bradford Philen (Autumn Falls). Q&A follows.

Café Jause Book Launch 8 pm

Wena Poon; moderated by Peter Goff | iQiyi, Thurs March 19, 20:00 | IQ19A 60 RMB

Join us for the launch of Wena Poon’s newest book, Café Jause: A Story of Viennese Shanghai, a moving story of Jewish, Chinese, and Japanese expats cooperating in Shanghai on the eve of World War II. Poon is an award-winning Chinese Singaporean author whose work is studied by British and American academics of transnational literature and forms part of the Cambridge ‘O’ Level Literature exam syllabus in Singapore high schools. This event is at iQiyi.

Friday 20

I Am China 1 pm

Xiaolu Guo; moderated by Cat Nelson | The Bookworm, Fri March 20, 13:00 | BW20B 60 RMB

I Am China is the new novel from Xiaolu Guo, author of A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers, inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s poem “America” – a look at rock and roll youth living in exile. The book is “a multilayered exploration of politics and culture across three continents,” writes The Guardian. “Cultural references, from Johnny Rotten to Erik Satie, are refracted through a lens of Chinese politics.”

Experience vs. Imagination :: 经历与想象力的对决 6 pm

Jiang Yitan, Vincent Lam, Wena Poon; moderated by Felicia Sonmez | The Bookworm, Fri March 20, 18:00 | BW20C 80 RMB

Wena Poon writes mostly from imagination and research, as in Café Jause, about Jewish, Chinese, and Japanese expats cooperating in Shanghai on the eve of World War II; emergency doctor Vincent Lam writes from personal experience, as in Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, which follows three young medical professionals. Which way is better? Join them and local poet / short story writer Jiang Yitan (The Statue of Clint Eastwood, Peking Lover) for a discussion about the pros and cons of “writing what you know” – or do not know. This event is in English and Chinese.

Wena Poon主要靠想象力和研究资料来写作,比如她的《Café Jause》,就是一本以二战前夕的上海为背景,有关被放逐的犹太人、中国人、和日本人之间精心合作的小说。急诊医生Vincent Lam则是以亲身经历为素材写作,他的小说《Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures》讲述了年轻医务工作者的故事。哪一种写作方式更好呢?请与两位作家和中国诗人/短篇小说家蒋一谈(《伊斯特伍德的雕像》等书的作者)一起讨论写你知道和不知道事物的利与弊。(中英文活动)

Travels with Swallows and Ships 7 pm

Horatio Clare; moderated by Tom Hancock | iQiyi, Fri March 20, 19:00 | IQ20A 60 RMB

British author and journalist Horatio Clare takes us on a voyage of discovery, focused on his two most recent books, A Single Swallow, which follows bird migration from South Africa to the UK, and the bestselling Down to the Sea In Ships, based on voyages around the world on cargo vessels. He is also the author of two compelling memoirs, Running for the Hills: A Family Story, which describes his childhood on a sheep farm in rural Wales, and Truant: Notes from the Slippery Slope, which chronicles his struggle with drugs. This event is at iQiyi.

Anna May Wong Must Die! 8 pm

Anna Chen | The Bookworm, Fri March 20, 20:00 | BW20D 80 RMB

Anna Chen gives her talk The Life and Crimes of Anna May Wong about Hollywood’s first Chinese superstar, the most famous Chinese woman in the world during the 1920s and 30s. Chen’s writing about Wong, one of few Chinese diaspora icons in the West, includes a program she presented for BBC Radio 4, A Celestial Star in Piccadilly, broadcast in 2009. Part comedy, part social critique, this funny, fascinating look at the movie legend dismantles Chinese stereotypes and reveals the human side of the dragon lady of dragon ladies. In this personal journey, Chen will discuss the issues and narratives that made Wong such a key figure, the “mitochondrial Eve” of the modern Chinese diaspora, followed by an audience Q&A.

Going Home Again 8 pm

Dennis Bock; moderated by Kerryn Leitch | iQiyi, Fri March 20, 20:00 | IQ20B 60 RMB

Hailed as “Canada’s next great novelist” by The Globe and Mail, Dennis Bock broke out with his hit debut novel The Ash Garden in 2002, which netted him the Canada-Japan Literary Award. His short stories, travel writing, and book reviews have appeared in multiple literary journals and magazines, but he has returned to the novel form for his fourth book, Going Home Again. The story follows a man, struggling with his divorce, who is forced to confront an even greater conflict from his past, pulling him through a sordid tale of secrets, lies, betrayal, and murder. This event is at iQiyi.

Saturday 21

Literature Through Film noon

Xiaolu Guo; moderated by Katrina Yu | The Bookworm, Sat March 21, 12:00 | BW21B 60 RMB

Filmmaker and novelist Xiaolu Guo will discuss the dynamic relationship between cinema and literature, showing how the two medias inspire and play off one another using examples from George Orwell, French New Wave, and her own film, UFO in Her Eyes. Film clips will be shown. This event is brought to you with the kind support of Harrow Beijing.

HONG KONG State of Mind noon

Jason Y. Ng; moderated by Julie Makinen | iQiyi, Sat March 21, 12:00 | IQ21A 60 RMB

Hong Kong is a mixed bag of a city, which Jason Y. Ng has captured in HONG KONG State of Mind, a collection of essays on partygoers, billboards, fortunetellers, cram school tutors, skyscrapers and skylines. At once an outsider looking in and an insider looking out, Ng will provide something for everyone: a travel guide for the passing visitor, a manual for the wide-eyed expat, and an open diary for the native Hong Konger looking for moments of reflection. Moderated by Los Angeles Times Beijing bureau chief Julie Makinen. This event is at iQiyi.

Meet the Authors: Presenting… 2 pm

Horatio Clare, Aka Morchiladze, Jason Y. Ng; moderated by John Foley | The Bookworm, Sat March 21, 14:00 | BW21C 80 RMB

Readings and conversation with philosopher and travel writer Horatio Clare (Down to the Sea In Ships, A Single Swallow); prolific novelist, playwright, and Georgian TV presenter Aka Morchiladze; and blogger and sociopolitical commentator Jason Y. Ng (HONG KONG State of MindNo City for Slow Men). Q&A follows.

Bloodletting 3 pm

Vincent Lam; moderated by Emily Rauhala | iQiyi, Sat March 21, 15:00 | IQ21B 60 RMB

Vincent Lam’s first book, Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, won the 2006 Scotiabank Giller Prize and was adapted for television and broadcast on HBO Canada. Dr. Lam is a trained emergency physician in Toronto, and he’ll talk about how he juggles writing with medicine. He has worked in international air evacuation and expedition medicine on Arctic and Antarctic ships. This event is at iQiyi.

Tech in China 4 pm

Josh GartnerKaiser Kuo, Mark NatkinDavid Wolf; moderated by Eric Jou | The Bookworm, Sat March 21, 16:00 | BW21D 80 RMB

Innovators, copycats, investors, hackers, gamers, and so many more who fall somewhere in between: welcome to the exhilarating, unpredictable, competitive, and often confounding world of tech in China. How has globalization affected Chinese tech? What’s the impact of government intervention and the Great Firewall? Is freedom necessary for innovation? What unique challenges do start-ups face? What does the future hold for tech giants such as Alibaba, Xiaomi, and Sina? Industry leaders convene in this star-studded panel to discuss, debate, and disabuse.

Writing Across Cultures 6 pm

Xiaolu Guo, Karen Ma (moderator), Wena Poon | The Bookworm, Sat March 21, 18:00 | BW21E 80 RMB

Capturing a cultural divide in writing, and communicating it directly to the audience, is a huge challenge – especially when it comes to writing of adopted cultures as an expat or migrant. But few authors have risen to the challenge as successfully as these three gathered here, and so we will join them for a night of discussion about conquering cultural difference and exposing the disconnects and divides for their readers. This event is brought to you with the kind support of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

From ‘Island’ to ‘Sunrise’ 8 pm

Victoria Hislop; moderated by Bridget Rooth | The Bookworm, Sat March 21, 20:00 | BW21F 100 RMB

Bestselling author of The Island, which was adapted for Greek television and translated into Chinese, Victoria Hislop will talk about her career in writing and introduce her fourth and most recent novel, The Sunrise. In it, readers are introduced to a fascinating slice of Mediterranean history: the Greek Coup and Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1972 that caused 40,000 people to flee the town of Famagusta, never to return.

Sunday 22

In Manchuria noon

Michael Meyer | The Bookworm, Sun March 22, 12:00 | BW22B 80 RMB

Michael Meyer’s second book, In Manchuria: A Village Called Wasteland and the Transformation of Rural China, is about his three years living and teaching in the rural northwest Chinese rice-farming community of Wasteland, hometown to his wife’s family.  Meyer depicts tremendous change, from new roads to organic farming, in this vivid, personal, and at times heartbreaking look at a commune’s transformation from backwater village to company town.

A Foreign Affair: Australia’s Relationship with Asia :: 外交事务: 澳大利亚与亚洲的关系 2 pm

Paul Kelly; moderated by Chris Warren | The Bookworm, Sun March 22, 14:00 | BW22C 80 RMB

Political journalist, author, TV and radio commentator, and editor-at-large for The Australian, Paul Kelly has been writing about Australian politics for more than 40 years. His seventh and latest such work, Triumph and Demise, is an award-winning examination of the leadership tensions at the heart of the Rudd-Gillard Labour Government. In this talk Kelly will tackle the increasingly important relationships between Asia and its closest “Western” neighbor, Australia, specifically on the issues of the free trade agreement, press freedom, politics, and security. This event is in English and Chinese.

Paul Kelly身兼记者,作家,电视电台主持人及《澳洲人报》特约编辑等多重职务,已用文字记录澳洲政坛40余年。他的第七本也是最新一本同类获奖作品《Triumph and Demise》审视了陆克文-吉拉德工党政权中心的领导层矛盾。在本次讲座中,Kelly将分析日渐重要的澳亚关系,并着重讲述关于自由贸易协定,新闻自由,政治和安全方面的问题。(中英文活动)

Death Fugue Book Launch :: 《死亡赋格》新书发布会 4 pm

Sheng Keyi; moderated by Shelly Bryant | The Bookworm, Sun March 22, 16:00 | BW22D 80 RMB

Sheng Keyi’s Northern Girls was longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize, and her follow-up, Death Fugue, has gained her more international attention. Named after a poem by Paul Celan about Nazi concentration camps, Death Fugue is an allegory to the events at Tiananmen in 1989, including feces, actual gorillas, and civil protests. It’s about the breakdown of idealism and futility of art. Sheng, a ferocious experimenter with style and voice, will read from her book and discuss relevant topics. Moderated by Sheng’s translator, Shelly Bryant. This event is in English and Chinese.


Changing China :: 变化中的中国 4 pm

Michael AntiMichael Meyer, Francesco Sisci; moderated by David Moser | The Opposite House, Sun March 22, 16:00 | OH22C 80 RMB 

How does one measure change? In demolished neighborhoods, new urban centers, GDP? Join Michael Meyer (The Last Days of Old BeijingIn Manchuria), sinologist Francesco Sisci (A Brave New China: The Big Change), and journalist and political blogger Michael Anti as they shed light on the shifting face of modern China. Moderated by sinologist David Moser. This event is at The Opposite House. (English and Chinese)

改变应该如何被量化?是看拆迁的地段,新建的都市中心,还是GDP?让我们一起听听《再会,老北京》和《In Manchuria》的作者Michael Meyer,《A Brave New China: The Big Change》的作者——汉学家Francesco Sisci,以及记者和时政博主Michael Anti对现代中国各种变化的见解。David Moser主持本活动在瑜舍举行(中英文活动)

Focus on European Literature 6 pm

Clare Azzopardi, Horatio Clare, Mary CostelloAka Morchiladze; moderated by Alexandra Büchler | The Bookworm, Sun March 22, 18:00 | BW22E 80 RMB

Though it can hardly be said to have gone away, European literature is on the upswing, thanks to the recent success of prominent authors and adaptations of books to TV and film. Some of the region’s most informed voices come together to discuss the state of European lit, its popularity overseas, and the wealth of works yet undiscovered by monolingual Chinese and English speakers. This event is brought to you in cooperation with Literature Across Frontiers and with the support of the Delegation of the European Union to China as part of the EU-China Literature Initiative.

From Kitchen to Cockpit 6 pm

Ingrid van Ginkel | iQiyi, Sun March 22, 18:00 | IQ22B 60 RMB

As a young woman in South Africa in the 1950s, Yvonne van den Dool’s dream was to fly. She fulfilled it and so much more, influencing women in aviation in her country and beyond. Her memoir, From Kitchen to Cockpit, documents her journey, one that her daughter, Ingrid van Ginkel, will bring alive in this presentation filled with fascinating insight and rare, historical photographs. This event is at iQiyi.

Stories About Storytellers 8 pm

Douglas Gibson | The Bookworm, Sun March 22, 20:00 | BW22F 80 RMB

In a career spanning more than four decades, including as publisher of Macmillan of Canada and president of McClelland and Stewart (M&S), Douglas Gibson has cultivated an extensive network with some of Canada’s most prominent writers. His memoir, Stories About Storytellers, includes an introduction by Nobel laureate Alice Munro. Prepare to hear stories about Canada’s literary titans through the humanizing eyes of their friend and editor.

Monday 23

Little Emperors and Material Girls 1 pm

Jemimah Steinfeld; moderated by Alec Ash | The Bookworm, Mon March 23, 13:00 | BW23B 60 RMB 

Behind China’s economic growth, a once-in-a-generation sexual and cultural revolution is taking place – all in the bars, cafes, and streets of China’s growing mega-cities. Writer and journalist Jemimah Steinfeld meets the young people behind the world’s fastest-moving nation – from mistresses to sino-punks – to reveal their attitudes towards love, life, and sexuality. Moderated by Alec Ash.

Meet the Authors: Presenting… 6 pm

Brooke Davis, Douglas Gibson, Guadalupe Nettel; moderated by Joe McKee | The Bookworm, Mon March 23, 18:00 | BW23C 80 RMB

Readings and conversation with three authors of impressively diverse backgrounds: up-and-coming Australian author Brooke Davis (Lost & Found); titan of Canadian publishing Douglas Gibson (Stories About Storytellers); and hugely talented Mexican linguist and author Guadalupe Nettel (Natural Histories). Q&A follows.

Meet the Authors: Presenting… 8 pm

Clare Azzopardi, Mary CostelloXi Ni Er, Damon Young; moderated by Daniel Vuillermin | The Bookworm, Mon March 23, 20:00 | BW23D 80 RMB

Readings and conversation with Maltese writer and literature lecturer Clare Azzopardi (Frape and All the Names They Left Behind), Irish Book of the Year 2014 winner Mary Costello, multiple award-winning Singaporean author Xi Ni Er (The Earnest Mask), and children’s author and philosopher Dr. Damon Young (Philosophy in the Garden, How to Think About Exercise). Q&A follows.

Pathlight Magazine: Creation, Translation, Publication :: 《路灯》杂志: 创作, 翻译, 出版 8 pm

Eric Abrahamsen, Dave Haysom, Nicky Harman, Sun Yisheng iQiyi, Mon March 23, 20:00 | IQ23A 60 RMB

This event will focus on a single short story — tracing its progress from the original composition in Chinese through the entire process of translation, editing, and finally publication — with local author Sun Yisheng, translator Nicky Harman, and Pathlight editors Eric Abrahamsen and Dave Haysom. This event is at iQiyi. (English and Chinese)

本活动将以一篇短篇小说为例,与作家孙一圣,翻译家Nicky Harman,以及《路灯》杂志(Pathlight)编辑Eric Abrahamsen和Dave Haysom一同看看一篇中文作品被翻译,编辑和出版的整个流程。本活动在爱奇艺咖啡举行(中英文活动)

Tuesday 24

Poetry with Willis Barnstone 6 pm

Willis Barnstone; moderated by Neil Schmid | The Bookworm, Tues March 24, 18:00 | BW24C 80 RMB

A rare chance to attend a reading by one of the great modern poets of our time. Willis Barnstone is a four-time Pulitzer-nominated poet whose work has appeared in nearly every major literary journal, including American Poetry ReviewParis ReviewPoetry, and The New Yorker. Many of his poems are about China, written when he lived in the country during the Cultural Revolution (as in the collection China Poems, 1986) or later when he taught at Beijing Foreign Studies University (Five A.M. in Beijing, 1987). In addition, his translations of the poems of Mao Zedong are collected in the book The Poems of Mao Zedong. This event is sure to be a treat for longtime admirers and newcomers alike.

The World of Kids’ Lit :: 儿童文学的世界 7 pm

Frané LessacBridget Strevens-Marzo, Joy NiuAnette Øster; moderated by Olivia Liu | iQiyi, Tues March 24, 19:00 | IQ24A 60 RMB

Children’s author-illustrators Frané Lessac and Bridget Strevens-Marzo join Chinese children’s author Joy Niu and academic Anette Øster – an expert on Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, renowned for her Pippi Longstocking book series – to talk about children’s literature old and new. In the age of televisions, computers, and video games, how does reading rightfully remain a passion and delight to children of all ages? Moderated by Olivia Liu, regional advisor of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators China Chapter. This event is at iQiyi. (English and Chinese)

童书作家-插画家Frané Lessac , Bridget Strevens-Marzo ,中国儿童文学作家Joy Niu,以及专门研究以《长袜子皮皮》书系成名的阿斯特里德.格伦的瑞典学者Anette Øster将相聚一堂,共同探讨儿童文学的过往与未来。在满是电视,电脑,电子游戏的今天,阅读如何才能保持原有的吸引力,继续被各个年龄的儿童所热爱呢?本活动由童书作家与插画家协会中国分会区域顾问Olivia Liu主持。本活动在爱奇艺咖啡举行。(中英文活动)

The Reward of Complex Literature 8 pm

Dorothy Tse, Xi Ni Er, Guadalupe Nettel; moderated by Leslie-Ann Murray | The Bookworm, Tues March 24, 20:00 | BW24D 80 RMB

A talk about the stories of humans and human societies, featuring authors who impart powerful messages and contemplate complex issues through their writing: surrealist Dorothy Tse, master of metaphor Guadalupe Nettel, and realist Xi Ni Er. Join them in a conversation about literature as message and messenger. This event is brought to you with the kind support of The University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

Wednesday 25

Writing for Children 6 pm

Kate Anderson, Tove Appelgren, Lise Bidstrup, Arthur Charles; moderated by Anette Øster | The Bookworm, Wed March 25, 18:00 | BW25C 80 RMB

Children’s writing continues to have a powerful presence in modern literature, welcoming successive generations of readers and writers-to-be. In this event, authors and illustrators from opposite ends of the earth will gather to discuss their craft, moderated by children’s lit expert Anette Øster.

The Greening of Asia 7 pm

Mark Clifford; moderated by Stuart Leavenworth | iQiyi, Wed March 25, 19:00 | IQ25A 80 RMB

Mark Clifford, executive director of the Hong Kong-based Asia Business Council, focuses on the role that business — especially business innovation — can play in finding environmental solutions. His recent book, The Greening of Asia: The Business Case for Solving Asia’s Environmental Emergency, highlights the people, technology, and incentives that can force through the big changes we need, from greener buildings and more livable cities to new forms of energy and sustainable agriculture. Moderated by Stuart Leavenworth, Beijing Bureau Chief for McClatchy Newspapers. This event is at iQiyi.

Meet the Authors: Presenting… 8 pm

Dean Barrett, Jennifer Mills, Anna Solding, Jakob Vedelsby; moderated by Brittyn Clennett | The Bookworm, Wed March 25, 20:00 | BW25D 80 RMB

Readings and conversation with resident Beijing novelist and short story writer Jennifer Mills (The Rest is Weight), fiction author and chairman of the Danish Writers Association Jakob Vedelsby (The Law of Humanity), Australian author Anna Solding (The Hum of Concrete), and long-time Asia resident, playwright, and author Dean Barrett (Bones of the Chinamen). Q&A follows.

Thursday 26

Committing Journalism: Foreign Correspondents on Chinese Affairs 1 pm

Laurie BurkittLaura Daverio, Andrew JacobsAnthony Kuhn; moderated by Louise Watt | The Bookworm, Thurs March 26, 13:00 | BW26B 80 RMB

A medley of China correspondents come together to discuss their latest experiences and the ups and downs, rewards and challenges of Committing Journalism in the Middle Kingdom.

Black Holes Book Launch :: 《人生黑洞》新书发布会 6 pm

He Jiahong; moderated by Xing Yi | The Bookworm, Thurs March 26, 18:00 | BW26C 60 RMB

Join author and law professor He Jiahong for the launch of his latest novel, Black Holes, a sequel to the gripping legal mystery drama Hanging Devils, Bookworm’s Book Club choice for March and one of The Guardian’s top ten Asian crime novels. It continues the adventures of lawyer Hong Jun, this time involving an ambitious trader accused of fraud, dark secrets leading back to the Cultural Revolution, and Hong Jun’s own murky past. This event is in English and Chinese.


Ghost Cities 8 pm

Wade Shepard | The Bookworm, Thurs March 26, 20:00 | BW26D 60 RMB

Over the next couple of decades, an estimated 250 million Chinese citizens will move from rural areas into cities, pushing the country’s urban population over one billion. China has aggressively built urban districts over the past 30 years, yet many of these, such as the infamous Kangbashi and Yujiapu, stand nearly empty, construction having ground to a halt due to the loss of investors and colossal debt. In Ghost Cities of China, Wade Shepard examines this phenomenon up close, and posits that the shedding of traditional social structures is at an advanced stage, and a rootless, consumption-centric globalized culture is rapidly taking its place.

Friday 27

From Her Neighbors’ Eyes: Regional Journalists on China 1 pm

Ananth KrishnanMark Magnier, Yosuke Watanabe; etc. | The Bookworm, Fri March 27, 13:00 | BW27B 80 RMB

Contested territories, energy pacts, trade deficits, regional stability… How has the emergence of China as an Asian superpower affected her neighbors? Join foreign correspondents for an in-depth look at China’s growing role in Asian affairs.

Tales from Angola 6 pm

Ondjaki; moderated by Tom Phillips | The Bookworm, Fri March 27, 18:00 | BW27C 60 RMB

Ondjaki is a writer from Luanda, Angola who has published five novels, three collections of short stories, four collections of poetry, and three children’s books. He has also made a documentary film, May Cherries Grow, about his native city. Come listen to one of Africa’s most important contemporary voices – The Guardian named him one of its Top Five African Writers in 2012 – introduce stories from his home.

The Three Leaps of Wang Lun 6 pm

Chris Godwin, Wei Luo; moderated by Benno WagneriQiyi, Fri March 27, 18:00 | IQ27A 60 RMB

The Three Leaps of Wang Lun, Alfred Döblin’s first attempt at extended fiction, astonished, bewildered, and captivated German readers on its publication in 1916. The highly original style, exotic setting, and significant theme earned it a major literary prize, and a reputation as the first modern novel in German. Chris Godwin’s translation — the first into English — was published 25 years ago. A new edition appeared this January. This evening, Godwin will outline some of the major aspects of Döblin’s classic and suggest approaches to help readers enjoy its many riches. Time permitting, he’ll also give a reading of a short episode omitted from the published work, which he has just translated. He’ll be joined on stage by Wei Luo, professor in the Institute of German Studies at Peking University. Moderated by Benno Wagner, professor in the German Department of the Beijing Institute of Technology. This event is at iQiyi. (English and Chinese)

《The Three Leaps of Wang Lun》是作家Alfred Döblin初次尝试创作的长篇小说。它于1916年首次出版时就在德国读者中引起了强烈的反响。这部作品独特的风格,充满异国情调的背景,以及主题的重要性让它获得了当时的主流文学奖,并被认为是德国历史上第一部现代小说。25年前,Chris Godwin第一次将这部小说翻译成了英语,而该译作的新版本也于今年1月刚刚出版。今晚Godwin将会为大家介绍Döblin经典之作中最核心的几个方面,并向读者们推荐最适宜的阅读方式。如果时间允许,他还将朗读几段在出版作品中被删节的内容。同时参与的还有北京大学德国研究中心的教授罗炜。本活动由北京理工大学德语系教授Benno Wagner主持。本活动在爱奇艺咖啡举行。(中英文活动)

Storytelling 8 pm

Amy Daml hosts | The Bookworm, Fri March 27, 20:00 | BW27D 60 RMB

At the heart of great writing, great performance, and great music is a great story. Oral storytelling is one of the oldest, most fundamental, and intimate forms of communicating these remarkable stories. Beijing Storytellers meets monthly at The Bookworm to bond over a common passion for the art and craft of storytelling. It provides a platform for veteran and novice storytellers alike. Join us for a night of unique and authentic personal stories from both writers and laymen. Our theme for this night will be: Atonement.

Saturday 28

In Conversation with Willis Barnstone noon

Willis Barnstone; moderated by Alan Babington-Smith | The Bookworm, Sat March 28, 12:00 | BW28B 100 RMB

Join us for an unforgettable night with one of the world’s most illustrious scholars, Willis Barnstone. Poet, translator, editor, New Testament and Gnostic scholar, four-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, and namesake of the Willis Barnstone Translation Prize. Barnstone, 87, has an intimate China connection: he first visited the country in 1972 during the Cultural Revolution before returning as a Fulbright professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University (1984-1985). He has also spent significant time in Mexico, Spain, France, England, and Greece. This is a can’t-miss event. Moderated by Alan Babington-Smith, Vice President of the Royal Asiatic Society, Beijing.

The Second Tang Dynasty 2 pm

Mark O’Neill; moderated by Jeremiah Jenne | The Bookworm, Sat March 28, 14:00 | BW28C 60 RMB

Mark O’Neill was born in London, educated at Oxford University, and has been living and working in Asia since 1978. He is the author of Frederick, The Life of My Missionary Grandfather in Manchuria, the biography of his missionary grandfather, which is also available in both traditional and simplified Chinese 《闖關東的愛爾蘭人》. O’Neill’s latest book, The Second Tang Dynasty, is about 12 men from Xiangshan (now Zhongshan) in the late Qing and early Republican periods who changed the country.

A Chinese Scholar in His Studio 4 pm

Sarah Handler; moderated by Neil Schmid | The Bookworm, Sat March 28, 16:00 | BW28D 60 RMB

The studio was a Chinese scholar’s retreat, a perfect private space for reading, writing, painting, and entertaining friends. The fine furniture and treasured desk utensils were functional and often superb works of art, as historian Sarah Handler will show. She is the author of Austere Luminosity of Chinese Classical Furniture and Ming Furniture in the Light of Chinese Architecture, currently being considered for publication in Chinese. She also edited and translated from the Chinese Wang Shixiang’s Classic Chinese Furniture: Ming and Early Qing Dynasties.

The Inspiration Within and Without :: 灵感的来源 4 pm

Kate Anderson, Tove Appelgren, Arthur Charles, Bridget Strevens-Marzo; moderated by Lisa Maria Burgess | iQiyi, Sat March 28, 16:00 | IQ28D 60 RMB

“Where does it all come from?” It’s the question every aspiring writer wants to know, and the question this panel of children’s authors and illustrators will attempt to answer. Because even fairy tales are grounded in reality. This event is at iQiyi. (English and Chinese)


The Cleaver Quarterly Issue Release Party 5 pm

Jing A Taproom (300 meters southeast of The Bookworm), Sat March 28, 17:00 | JA28A FREE

Join the team behind The Cleaver Quarterly, a Beijing-based print magazine telling stories about Chinese food all over the world, as they celebrate the launch of their fourth issue. Meet the writers, editors, designers, and photographers behind the stories and enjoy some of Beijing’s best craft beer. This event is at Jing A Taproom.

Writing China Through History 6 pm

Willis Barnstone, Dean Barrett, Mark O’Neill; moderated by Ian Johnson | The Bookworm, Sat March 28, 18:00 | BW28E 80 RMB

China’s transformations over the past century – violent, peaceful, traumatic, uplifting – have provided rich fodder for countless writers and journalists through the ages. In a talk moderated by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ian Johnson, three prominent experts will discuss the ever-changing experience of living in China: Willis Barnstone, who first arrived during the Cultural Revolution before returning to teach at Beijing Foreign Studies University from 1984-85; Dean Barrett, who has lived across Asia for three decades, with a number of works focusing on China and Hong Kong; and Mark O’Neill, a reporter based in Asia for much of his four-decade career, whose nonfiction examines influential figures in the formation of early modern China. This event is brought to you with the kind support of Dulwich Beijing.

Comedy China, ft. Joe Wong 8 pm

Comedy Club China, Joe Wong, etc. | The Bookworm, Sat March 28, 20:00 | BW28F 150 RMB

Can’t-miss comedy acts don’t get much bigger than Joe Wong, whose jokes have taken him from the 2010 Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner, where he roasted vice president Joe Biden, to the stages of the Ellen DeGeneres and David Letterman shows. For the past year Wong has performed small guest spots at stand-up gigs in Beijing, but fresh off a US tour, he’ll unveil a special feature-length set at the Bookworm Literary Festival. With local comics in tow, this event, presented by Comedy Club China, promises to be a wonderful showcase of stand-up in Beijing.

Sunday 29

The Female Voice in Contemporary Chinese Art :: 当代中国艺术中的女性声音 noon

Sun ShaokunXiao LuPhilip Tinari; moderated by Madeline Eschenburg and Ellen Larson | The Bookworm, Sun March 29, 12:00 | BW29B 80 RMB

Performance art has functioned as an important vehicle for contemporary Chinese artists since the early 1980s. Performance artists use their bodies as intermediaries, engaging in dialogue between the individual and the collective, and addressing their own value, gender, and voice. They make the conscious decision to stand at the periphery, creating work that is essentially unsellable but that responds authentically to contemporary society. Join art historians and curators Madeline Eschenburg and Ellen Larson (editors of along with UCCA director Philip Tinari and artists Xiao Lu and Sun Shaokun as they discuss the significance of female performance in contemporary Chinese art. This event is in English and Chinese. This event is brought to you with the kind support of Sigma Gallery.

行为艺术自1980年代初期起就已是中国当代艺术重要的表现形式之一。行为艺术家们以他们的身体为媒介,与个人和集体展开对话,并表达他们自己的价值观,性别和声音。他们有意识的选择站在边缘,创造出并无商业价值但却能真实反映当代社会的作品。让我们和艺术史学家及博物馆长Madeline Eschenburg、Ellen Larson,UCCA的总管Philip Tinari,艺术家孙少坤和肖鲁一起,探讨女性行为艺术在当代中国艺术界的重要性。(中英文活动)

British Short Stories 2 pm

Zoe Gilbert, Adam Marek, Rachel Trezise | The Bookworm, Sun March 29, 14:00 | BW29C 80 RMB 

Superhero dictators, East German opera lovers, dreamers and hunters… a restaurant for zombies, Wales’s Rhondda Valley, a taxidermy class… these are just some of the characters and settings in the short stories of Adam Marek, Rachel Trezise, and Zoe Gilbert, who’ll share their works and introduce other imaginative, riveting, mordant works of contemporary British fiction. This event is brought to you in cooperation with the British Council.

Book Launch: How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit? True Stories of Expat Women in Asia 2 pm

Jocelyn Eikenburg, Kaitlin Solimine, Ember Swift, Edna Zhou; moderated by Megha RajagopalaniQiyi, Sun March 29, 14:00 | IQ29B 60 RMB

How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit?, edited by Shannon Young, is the first collection to explore in depth the varied and unconventional lives of expat women in East Asia. Their stories go far beyond the stereotypical image of a trailing spouse at brunch, and give voice to a population that is often sidelined. They are artists, filmmakers, singers, teachers, professionals, mothers, wives, and diplomats. Their stories explore love, loss, and identity. Bookworm Literary Festival welcomes three of the contributors who, together, will formally launch this unique anthology in Beijing. This event is at iQiyi.

Comedy vs. Tragedy 4 pm

Deva Eveland hosts | The Bookworm, Sun March 29, 16:00 | BW29D 60 RMB

The world’s great religions and philosophies agree on very little, except that we’re all messed up. Should we snicker at our flawed nature or feel deeply depressed? Local writers face off to probe this very question. A comedy team and tragedy team will trade short works that alternate between the humorous and the sorrowful. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Inside the Laowai Actors Studio 6 pm

Jim Bennett, Kerry Berry Brogan, Karlo MarsdenJonathon Kos-Read; moderated by Graham Earnshaw | The Bookworm, Sun March 29, 18:00 | BW29E 80 RMB

What is the Chinese film and TV industry actually like? Join this panel of foreign actors for a candid (and guaranteed hilarious) look behind the cameras… and behind the bureaucracy, the censorship, the bafflingly large film crews, and so much more. With commentary and anecdotes, they will reveal their lives on and – perhaps more tellingly – off Chinese screens.

Literary Trivia! 8 pm

Kaiser Kuo and Anthony Tao host | The Bookworm, Sun March 29, 20:00 | BW29F 80 RMB

Think you know your Shakespeare from Marlowe, Emily from Charlotte, mondegreen from mumpsimus? Kaiser Kuo and Anthony Tao host a four-round trivia extravaganza to close this year’s literary festival. Three teams – Visitors, Local Journalists, and the Hoi Polloi – will fight against mental block, probable inebriation, and one another for the right to call themselves Bookworm Literary Festival Champion!

Kids Events

Monday 16

KIDS [5+]: The Girl from the French Fort 10 am

Hong Ying, with Cherry Denman | Mon March 16, 10:00 | BW16A 60 RMB

Hong Ying has spent her life in pursuit of the written word – leaving home at 18 to wander for a decade around China, supporting herself through her writing, before moving to London for another decade, where she was published in English. She returned to Beijing in 2000. Her latest work is the children’s book The Girl from the French Fort, a collaboration with Beijing-resident illustrator Cherry Denman. The book was instantly popular in China, and has proven to be a delight for Beijing kids, whether local or expat.

Tuesday 17

KIDS [6-12]: Encouraging Reading 10 am

Stephen Mooser | Tues March 17, 10:00 | BW17A 60 RMB

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators co-founder Stephen Mooser has written more than 60 books for children over his decades-long career, many of them evolving from some of his favorite interests like treasure hunting, scary stories, and strange true tales. Great fun for the young and young-at-heart, his stories are full of adventure and mystery. In this event he’ll present some of his most recent work, showing – not merely telling – how to inspire a lifelong love of reading in children.

Wednesday 18

KIDS [5-10]: Snorgh the Sailor 10 am

Will Buckingham | Wed March 18, 10:00 | BW18A 60 RMB

Will Buckingham takes you on a seafaring journey through friendship, danger, adventure, and very salty soup. Praised by Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson as “outstanding — adventurous and quirky,” The Snorgh and the Sailor is a story of a grumpy Snorgh who one day finds himself setting out on a very unexpected journey. Quirky and imaginative, it’ll be a treat for the young and old.

Sunday 22

KIDS [8+]: Picture a Story: The A-Z of Making Books 10 am

Frané Lessac | Sun March 22, 10:00 | BW22A 60 RMB

From the spark of an idea to the finished product, all books start with a little imagination – Frané Lessac gives you tips on how to organize your ideas into words and pictures. Here’s a rare opportunity to interact with an author of more than 40 children’s books published around the world. Lessac, the 2010 recipient of the Muriel Barwell Award for Distinguished Service to Children’s Literature, is an experienced traveler and a dynamic presenter filled with optimism, humor, and eye for detail. She will explain how the process of book making isn’t a mystery but an attainable and enjoyable goal.

[KIDS 5-8]: My Nanna is a Ninja 10 am

Damon Young | iQiyi, Sun March 22, 10:00 | IQ22A 60 RMB

Some nannas dress in pink when they jog around the track. But my nanna is a ninja … so she dresses up in black. What if your grandmother were a ninja? Thus the question explored by philosopher and writer Damon Young in this laugh-out-loud children’s book. This event is at iQiyi.

Monday 23

KIDS [14+]: ‘Frape’ (Facebook Rape) 10 am

Clare Azzopardi | Mon March 23, 10:00 | BW23A 60 RMB

Clare Azzopardi has written many books for children, a novella for young adults revolving around a “Facebook rape” and teenage nastiness (Frape) and two collections of short stories for adults, her last one being All the Names She Left Behind. Azzopardi has won many awards in Malta and is currently working on her first novel for adults.

Tuesday 24

KIDS [13-17]: Zac & Mia 10 am

AJ Betts | Tues March 24, 10:00 | BW24A 60 RMB

AJ Betts is the author of three books, Shutterspeed, Wavelength, and her latest, Zac & Mia, which won the Text Prize for YA and Children’s Writing in 2012. Set in Western Australia, it’s the story of two teenagers who meet while receiving treatment for cancer. Betts, who spent four years traveling the world after college, is also an avid cyclist.

Wednesday 25

KIDS [6-12]: Storytelling Through Words and Drawings 10 am

Bridget Strevens-Marzo | Wed March 25, 10:00 | BW25A 60 RMB

Author and illustrator Bridget Strevens-Marzo’s art has appeared in numerous worldwide bestsellers, but her latest work has her writing again as well illustrating. Bridget’s Book of English is a fun flap book of first English words for young children, with charming illustrations to match. In this event, Bridget will use words and pictures in a dynamic storytelling session that has her draw the accompanying illustrations on the fly for the kids to see and in turn create their own characters and stories.

Thursday 26

KIDS [8+]: From Denmark to Russia to the Caribbean to Africa – and Beyond! 10 am

Lise Bidstrup | Thurs March 26, 10:00 | BW26A 60 RMB

Lise Bidstrup began her career in 2005, and ever since she has been writing around the clock, and around the globe. Bidstrup has published almost 60 books, writing for children, young adults, and adults. She wanders with equal ease in both imaginary worlds as well as countries in the real one. She will talk about her books and share experiences from her many research travels around the globe.

Friday 27

KIDS [6+]: Reading and Drawing 10 am

Tove Appelgren | Fri March 27, 10:00 | BW27A 60 RMB

Tove Appelgren is an author and theater director who has written scripts for various theaters and radio as well as lyrics for children’s music. Her much-loved Vesta-Linnea books depict ordinary family life with a humorous twist. In 2010 she was nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. At this event, she’ll read to the kids and have them discuss their experiences within the story’s context. Participants will also be given paper and pens to draw their own stories.

Saturday 28

KIDS [6+]: The Adventures of Poucher and Big Guy 10 am

Arthur Charles, Kate Anderson | Sat March 28, 10:00 | BW28A 60 RMB

Arthur Charles’s stories tell of his adventures across the world with his kangaroo friend Poucher (among other Australian bush animals), deftly illustrated by Kate Anderson. From local adventures throughout Australia to tales of globetrotting and escapades in Africa, Poucher and his buddy Big Guy have more than a few tales to tell! In this event, Charles and Anderson share stories from his books and from life as a jet-setting Aussie kids’ author and illustrator duo.

KIDS [6+]: Chinese Children’s Event :: 6岁以上儿童: 中文儿童活动 2 pm

Tove Appelgren | iQiyi, Sat March 28, 14:00 | IQ28C 60 RMB

Tove Appelgren is an author and theater director who has written scripts for various theaters and radio as well as lyrics for children’s music. Her much-loved Vesta-Linnea books depict ordinary family life with a humorous twist. The books have sold tens of thousands of copies in nearly 10 countries so far. In 2010 Appelgren was nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. This event is tailored to Chinese-speaking audiences. This event is at iQiyi. (English and Chinese)

Tove Appelgren是一位作家和戏剧导演,同时写有多部戏剧和广播剧本和儿童音乐歌词。她倍受欢迎的淘气女孩林妮娅系列童书生动幽默的描绘了普通的家庭生活。这个系列已经在全世界近10个国家畅销,而Appelgren本人也得到了林格伦文学奖的提名。本活动是专为说中文的观众们准备,请小朋友和家长们切勿错过!本活动在爱奇艺咖啡举行。(中英文活动)

Sunday 29

KIDS [5+]: Stories from Africa 10 am

Lisa Maria Burgess | Sun March 29, 10:00 | BW29A 60 RMB

Lisa Maria Burgess, known for her children’s books, has taught literature and writing all over the world, including in China, South Africa, Tanzania, and her native US. Here she will delight young kids with readings from her popular Juma book series, which follows the adventures of a young boy in Tanzania. Included are fun hands-on activities for the wilder kids in the audience!

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