Pathlight Magazine: Creation, Translation, Publication


This event will focus on a single short story — tracing its progress from the original composition in Chinese through the entire process of translation, editing, and finally publication — with local author Sun Yisheng, translator Nicky Harman, and Pathlight editors Eric Abrahamsen and Dave HaysomThis event is at iQiyi. (English and Chinese)

《路灯》杂志: 创作, 翻译, 出版

爱奇艺咖啡, 3月23日星期一, 20:00

本活动将以一篇短篇小说为例,与作家孙一圣,翻译家Nicky Harman,以及《路灯》杂志(Pathlight)编辑Eric Abrahamsen和Dave Haysom一同看看一篇中文作品被翻译,编辑和出版的整个流程。本活动在爱奇艺咖啡举行(中英文活动)

Price: 60 RMB

Event code: IQ23A

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