Women’s Rights Around the World

International Women's Day

Clare Wright USE THIS ONEYing Xin (Xiao Tie)Lijia ZhangBidisha

Clare Wright, Ying Xin (Xiao Tie), Lijia Zhang; moderated by Bidisha

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), this event will examine some of the most vital issues of the international women’s movement, including sexual violence, sexual harassment, work discrimination, and inequality in terms of law. We’ll also ask whether women’s rights around the world, in this age of Boko Haram and ISIS, are actually being rolled back, and what positive steps are being taken? Moderated by Bidisha, a British writer and BBC broadcaster who specializes in human rights, international affairs, and the arts and culture, with director of the Beijing LGBT Center Ying Xin (known around the community as Xiaotie – Iron) and authors Lijia Zhang and Clare Wright. 

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The Bookworm 10 am

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