Disseminating the Magic: Children’s Writing in the Digital Age

Disseminating the Magic

Bao DongniGraeme BaseJane Godwin thumbnailSandra Greenwell

Bao Dongni, Graeme Base, Jane Godwin; moderated by Sandra Greenwell

There’s a digital revolution in children’s publishing, with stories being produced with interactive activities previously impossible. But developments in the digital sphere have caused far fewer disruptions in the children’s book market than their adult counterpart. What have children’s authors learned, and can they save the publishing industry? Bao Dongni has published more than 200 children’s and picture books, Graeme Base is one of the world’s leading creators of picture books, whose Animalia has sold three million copies worldwide, and Jane Godwin is the former Publisher for Young Readers at Penguin Books Australia in addition to being an acclaimed author of many children’s books. Moderated by Sandra Greenwell, Dulwich College Beijing Head of Libraries. 

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