Loreli China Presents: Songwriters of Beijing

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Jordan Darling, Xuefeng Ji, Su Zixu, Dan Taylor; moderated by Daniel Lenk, with introduction by Kerryn Leitch

Beijing’s best songwriters discuss lyrics, licks, and taking it to the bridge. Featuring acoustic performances and a lively debate about collaboration, compulsion, and the vibrant and diverse Beijing music scene – plus what the future might hold after the loss of several live venues over the last few years. Featuring singer-songwriter Jordan Darling, Dan Taylor of The Harridans and Luv Plastik, Su Zixiu (苏紫旭) of The Paramecia (Su was a contestant on the TV show Sing My Song), and Xuefeng Ji of the psychedelic band The Peppercorns.

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The Bookworm 8 pm

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