Territorial Disputes and Regional Stability :: 领土争执和局部稳定性

Chinese boats on South China Sea

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Moderated by Philip Wen

Contested territories, uneasy alliances, energy pacts, strategic differences… China’s relationship with its neighbors has never been more closely scrutinized, and it’s the focus of this panel discussion, featuring foreign correspondents who make a living covering Beijing’s every move. Moderated by Philip Wen, China correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

中国和邻国 – 争执的领土、不稳定的关系、能源协议、外交政策的不同。我们邀请到了诸多国际新闻媒体的记者来讨论他们对中国政府外交政策的印象和评论。主持人是Sydney Morning Herald和The Age的驻中国记者Phillip Wen。

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