Trends in Spirituality in Modern China :: 现代中国的信仰

Spirituality and Trends in Modern China

Haiyun JimengJoseph LoftusJim Sojourner

Haiyun Jimeng, Joseph Loftus; moderated by Jim Sojourner

China still has, by a wide margin, the most atheists in the world, but religion – and spirituality – has steadily risen over the past two decades. Buddhism and Confucianism have been booming, but more people are also turning to Christianity to find a foothold in the modern world. And interestingly, unlike in many countries, the rise of religious conversion in China has paralleled its urban development. What is it about the city – and life there – that nudges people toward faith?

中国是世界上拥有最多无神论者的国家。但是信仰在中国过去20年一直在增长。佛教和儒教在兴旺,而基督教也在兴起。一个有趣的现象 – 一个不怎么能在其他国家找到的现象 – 就是中国关于信仰的对话和国家的城市发展完全对应。可是究竟是城市生活的哪一部分让人们投入到信仰当中呢?

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