“The Story of My Teeth” and Other Stories from Mexico’s Rising Literary Star

Story of My Teeth

Valeria LuiselliChristopher Beam

Valeria Luiselli, moderated by Christopher Beam

Plato, Montaigne, Borges, Virginia Woolf, Marilyn Monroe, and others are name-dropped in the first part of Valeria Luiselli’s incredible “novel” The Story of My Teeth. Near the end, a series of photos appear, each with a quotation from the likes of H.G. Wells, Rubén Darío, Voltaire. Luiselli’s translator then presents a map of time, before finally ending with an afterword in the fashion of Roussel. “Valeria Luiselli is as much a cartographer as a writer, interested in finding areas still unmapped,” says The New York Times. In 2014 Luiselli won the National Book Foundation’s 5 Under 35 award, and her work has appeared in publications such as The New Yorker, Granta, and McSweeney’s.

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