Scot Slaby, Jennifer Fossenbell, Marcel Gauthier, Stephanie Anderson
moderated by Kassy Lee

Saturday, March 17, 4pm | 60 RMB – purchase link

Join four international poets for readings from their work and for a discussion of ways in which they sustain their writing lives overseas. Writers include, Scot Slaby, a poet and educator whose most recent collection is Bugs Us All; Jennifer Fossenbell, whose work has appeared in publications such Posit, Spittoon Literary Journal, Yes Poetry, and Gigantic Sequins; Marcel Gauthier, who has published poetry in a variety of journals, most recently the Spoon River Review, the Louisville Review, and The Southeast Review; and Stephanie Anderson, the author of several collections including In the Key of Those Who Can No Longer Organize Their Environments and Lands of Yield. Moderated by Kassy Lee.

Scot Slaby, a poet and educator, earned his M.A. in Writing from The Johns Hopkins University. His chapbook, The Cards We’ve Drawn, co-won the 2013 Bright Hill Press National At Hand Chapbook Award, and his most recent work, Bugs Us All was published by Entasis Press in 2016. Slaby’s poems have also appeared in The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics Including Odd and Invented FormsLike LightArcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthologyunsplendid, and elsewhere. His “I Notice” method for reading poems was published in 2017 by The Academy of American Poets. In his teaching, Slaby is passionate about helping students engage with complex texts, nurturing both their academic success and their love of language itself. He currently teaches at Shanghai American School.

Jennifer Fossenbell lives in Beijing and works as an editor. Her poems and translations have appeared in exhibitions and publications in China, the U.S., and Vietnam: most recently in “Bad Code” (a Beijing exhibition), Posit, Spittoon Literary Journal, Yes Poetry, and Gigantic Sequins, and forthcoming in Black Warrior Review.

Marcel Gauthier completed his MFA at the University of North Carolina @ Greensboro, where he was a Randall Jarrell Fellow. The recipient of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, he has published poetry in a variety of journals, most recently the Spoon River Review, the Louisville Review, and The Southeast Review. Marcel began his teaching career in Los Angeles right out of college and has been a lifelong educator of literature and writing in American independent schools. In the second half of his career, Marcel moved into leadership and now serves as the Head of School at Shanghai American School, his first international posting.  His passion is connecting the creative process in poetry and art to broader areas of education and leadership.

Stephanie Anderson is the author of In the Key of Those Who Can No Longer Organize Their Environments (Horse Less Press), Lands of Yield (Horse Less Press), If You Love Error So Love Zero (forthcoming, Trembling Pillow Press), and Variants on Binding (forthcoming, National Poetry Review Press), as well as several chapbooks. She co-edits the micropress Projective Industries and lives in Beijing, where she is a post-doctoral research fellow with the Tsinghua-Michigan Society of Fellows at the Institute for World Literatures and Cultures, Tsinghua University.

Kassy Lee is a poet living in Beijing. She’s the author of two chapbooks, zombia and the Period of Warring States, and her poems have appeared in the Shanghai Literary Review, Perigee, the Columbia Review, and our local favorite, Spittoon Literary Magazine.

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