Dan Goldman, Nie Jun and Wang Shuo

Wednesday, March 14, 6 pm | 60 RMB – purchase link

While print book sales have been struggling in recent years since the advent of e-books, graphic novels have been booming. A recent report on the US market said that the novel-in-comic-strip format has surpassed $1 billion in annual sales, with top sellers moving up to 150,000 units a week. The sector cultivates a loyal fan base, and in the educational field the medium is valued as an important tool to build literacy levels in an increasingly visual culture. To discuss the gaining popularity of “pictorial literature”, and their own work in the field, we will be joined by three leading graphic novelists. Dan Goldman is the Eisner-nominated creator of critically-acclaimed graphic novels like Shooting War and the Priya’s Shakti series. His series Red Light Properties mashes up ghost stories, real estate and urban shamanism, and mutated across digital formats for four years before its print debut. Nie Jun is a graphic novelist who has won numerous awards and enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. His acclaimed works include Me Street, Sunflower Boy, Sakura Boy and A Fairy Tale in the Old Streets, and his work has been translated into French, Italian, English and Japanese, among other languages. Wang Shuo is a cartoonist and a comic critic and he was the first in China to academically study indie comics. In 2017 he published Mr Door.

This event will be consecutively translated in English and Chinese.


Dan Goldman, 聂峻,王烁

3月14日(星期三),晚六点 | 60 RMB | BW14-6

近年来,随着电子书的问世,纸质图书的销售一直在苦苦挣扎,而漫画小说却一路蓬勃发展。最近的一份关于美国市场的报告称,这类漫画小说的年销售额超过了10亿美元,同时畅销书的周销售量也上升至15万部。该创作形式拥有忠实的粉丝基础,而在教育领域中,该媒介也被认为是在愈加视觉化的文化中培养读写能力的重要工具。我们邀请到三位杰出的漫画家,来共同探讨“图像文学”的兴盛,以及他们自己在这一领域的作品。Dan Goldman曾获Eisner提名,他创作的漫画小说Shooting War和Priya’s Shakti系列广受好评。在Red Light Properties系列中,他将鬼故事、房地产以及城市萨满主义糅合在了一起,而这部作品在其印刷出版首次亮相之前,曾历经四年电子形式的变迁。 聂峻是一位揽获众多奖项的漫画家,在国内外都享有很高的声誉,其作品被翻译为多国语言出版,代表作有《我街》、《向日葵男孩》、《樱花男孩》、《老街的童话》等。王烁是一位漫画家、漫画评论者、国内第一个研究独立漫画的人。2017年出版《门先生》。


Dan Goldman is a narrative designer and visual artist telling stories in comics, television, interactive media and video games. Coming to prominence as the co-creator of the dystopian graphic novel Shooting War, his first major work was nominated for an Eisner award for Best Digital Comic. Shortly after, he created 08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail, a work of nonfiction graphic journalism created in real-time marrying the visual languages of magazine design and sequential comics that was dubbed “Highbrow Brilliant” by New York Magazine. His paranormal horror comic Red Light Properties, which mashes up ghost stories, real estate and urban shamanism is currently in development as a live-action cable TV series. Dan has also produced Emmy-winning experiences for AMC Television, written two video games based on The Walking Dead, written animated TV shows for Man of Action Studios, and created work for Wired, BBC, Time Magazine, and many others. A frequent speaker at conferences and universities on the confluence of digital activism and narrative, Dan currently serves as Narrative Lead at Kinjin Story Lab, where he incubates story-based projects at the intersection of technological innovation and social good. He lives in Los Angeles.

Nie Jun, a graphic novelist from Qingdao, graduated from the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. His acclaimed works include Sunflower Boy, Sakura Boy and A Fairy Tale in the Hutongs, and his work has been translated into French, Italian, English and Japanese, among other languages. His works are diverse in style and often focus on the little stories of the younger generation. He has collected many awards, including the Ministry of Culture Government Award for Best Art Comic Award, the State Administration of Press and Publication Prize for Motivation, the Golden Dragon Award for Best Comic Award.

漫画作家聂峻,青岛人,毕业于中国美院,系统的美术教育和文学的熏陶,对他的作品影响深远,抱着对漫画 的热爱,多年来聂峻持续创作了《我街》《向日葵男孩》《樱花男孩》《老街的童话》等一系列作品,陆续在中、法 、意、瑞士、英国、日本等多个国家出版发表,作品风格多样,注重小人物的小故事,常常以更低的视角来观察和赞 美生活,在温情现实中勾兑少许童话,由此获得国内外读者一致好评,作品陆续获得过文化部政府文艺奖最佳漫画奖 、广电新闻出版总署原动力奖、少年中国天际奖、金龙奖最佳漫画奖等多个大奖,聂峻也曾参与奥组委吉祥物修改创 作小组,在北京电影学院任客座教授,日本京都精华大学客员研究员,杭州西湖博物馆特约研究员等。

Wang Shuo (anusman) was born in Fushun in 1984 and now lives in Beijing. He is a cartoonist and a comic critic and he was the first in China to academically study indie comics. After graduating from the Fine Arts Department of Tsinghua University he went to France for five years where in obtained a Masters Degree in Manga from the European Institute of Image Studies. During this period he published anusman’s Wordless Comics 1&2. After returning to China to teach at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, he received his PhD in cartoon studies. He is known as a low-key but magical explorer in the comic world. He likes drawing cats but is allergic to them.


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