Unnatural Selection: the Consequences of a World Full of Men

There are over 160 million females “missing” from Asia’s population. This gender imbalance, caused in part by sex selective abortions, has dire consequences for the entire world. In Unnatural SelectionScience magazine correspondent Mara Hvistendahl looks at how we arrived at such a dangerous imbalance and what will happen when all these “extra” boys grow up. Reporting from China, India, Vietnam and other countries, Hvistendahl interviewed prostitutes, mail-order brides, militant nationalists, geneticists, activists and more to piece together the complicated story of why we continue to choose boys over girls and the danger this brings.

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Introduction music: Song Etrange (奇怪) written by Zhang Si’an (Djang San, Jean-Sébastien Héry). Extract from the album One Man Live Orchestra Vol 1.

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